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Different Fabric Types Display

Air Layer Fabric

Air layer fabrics feel soft and comfortable, good tensile force, can be used for clothing, masks and other products.Thickness and color can be customized.


Air Mesh Fabric

Air mesh fabric has good air permeability, good elasticity, soft and easy to dry, and is an ideal fabric for home textile and household. It also can be widely used in clothing, bags, shoes, home textiles and other products, the pattern is variable.


Mesh Mat

Polyester fabric cushion thickness is moderate, add anti-slip design, easy to wash and dry, convenient for storage and cleaning.


Mesh Pillow

The pillow is made of polyester mesh, which is not easy to be deformed, easy to wash and dry, breathable and comfortable. It is suitable for use all year round.


Fabric Sample Display

Different Fabric Application

Air Mesh Fabric

 Shoes---Breathable and comfortable

 Garment---Unique style and stylish

​​​​​​​ Home Textile---Soft and anti mite

​​​​​​​ Outside---Sturdy and durable

Air Layer Fabric

 Garment---Unique style and stylish

 Mask---Breathable antibacterial



Mesh Pillow

 Baby Pillow---Soft and breathable

 Adult Pillow---Adjustable, direct machine wash

 Bath Pillow---Breathable and easy to dry


Mesh Mat

 Cushion---Customized shape, easy to dry

 Mat---Cooling and easy-cleaning

 Mattress---Breathable and anti mite


How To Stay Ahead Of The Competition?

We are near Shanghai ang have a fast and comprehensive source of industry information and convenient traffic advantages. 


Our factory has a high-quality equipment, the number of machines more than 50 sets, monthly production of more than 300 tons.


We continue to innovate business philosophy, strengthen enterprise management, promote technological progress, strict control of all products. We firmly believe that "professional achievements brand, reputation achievements in the future", adhere to the "customer demand, that is our pursuit" of the service tenet, and promote the continuous development of enterprises.


We have a complete and scientific quality management system, which is certified by ISO9001 international quality management system.

The color, weight, width and hardness of all the products can be customized according to the customer's requirements.


For a detailed introduction of the advantages, please click the introduction page, we are a professional 3d air mesh fabric supplier, we also provide air mesh fabric for chairs, outdoor air mesh fabric, and air breathable mesh fabric.



Air Mesh Fabric Manufacturer

CHANGSHU CITY HUAHONG WEAVING CO.,LTD is located in the International Garden City --ChangShu city,JiangSu,China.Located in Tonggang Road Meili Town Changshu City, It is 4 kilometers away from the  YanJiang Expressway and 5 km from the harbour district. It has a fast and comprehensive source of industry information and convenient traffic advantages. Changshou City Huahong Weaving Co., Ltd. has a complete and scientific quality management system, which is certified by ISO9001 international quality management system. Our main product including new design air mesh fabric, 3d mesh fabric, etc.  








  • Q What about the lead time ?

    A The lead time is various according to quantity and fabric . 25-30 work days is alos enough . If you need the fabric urgently, we will try our best to finish it in time .
  • Q How about the quality guarantee?

    A If you have Chinese agency , the best way is to do the inspection before shipment . If it is difficult for you , you can check them at once when you receive the cargo .
  • Q About the color of the pictures on the website ?

    A All the product image are in -kind shooting and adjusted by professional on real products. We have done our best to make pictures as close as possible to real fabrics. But, color deviation may exist due to different PC screens . Please kindly note all color displayed are subjected to real products' colors. 
  • Q What kind of transport service provided ?

    A FOB and CIF is the usual way . Besides, other is also available.
  • Q What about the payment ?

    A T/T or L/C at sight is acceptable 

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