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What are the traits of the mesh pillow?

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Is it necessary to sleep on pillows? The answer is yes. It is necessary to sleep on a pillow, especially for those with cervical problems. If you don't sleep on a pillow for a long time, it will exacerbate cervical problems. This is basically concerned with the physiological curve of the human body neck, the purpose of the pillow is to maintain this kind of curvature. Of course, if the pillow doesn't fit or is not used properly, it can be uncomfortable.

In this passage, we are going to tell you how to choose a fitting pillow and why we recommend the mesh pillow.

Here is the content list:

1.How to choose a good pillow?

2.What are the traits of the mesh pillow?

1.How to choose a good pillow?

At present, the height of the common pillow in the market is 8-15cm, and the same type is mainly divided into high pillows and low pillows. The choice of the height of a pillow is influenced by sleeping position, personal habits, shoulder width, and weight. There is no precise height.  After all, most of the pillow core material has a rebound or adjustable height. But there is a height to adapt in the range. The common pillow core with the series is basically divided into the high pillow and low pillow. If you like to sleep on your stomach, it is recommended to consider a flat soft low pillow. If you prefer to sleep on your back, consider supporting a good low pillow. If you prefer to sleep on your side, consider supporting a good pillow. If the position is not fixed, consider a soft, wavy pillow.

2.What are the traits of the mesh pillow?

All kinds of pillows have their own features. For example, the memory pillow is made of a synthetic slow rebound material, which is used to relieve the pressure borne by astronauts at first. The memory pillow is sensitive to temperature and pressure. This kind of pillow is suitable for people who like a bit harder pillow.

And the latex pillows are made of rubber juice by foaming process which belongs to natural material. It has anti-mite and antimicrobial properties, with honeycomb pores inside and excellent air permeability. This kind of pillow is also suitable for people who have rhinitis, skin allergies and are easy to sweat and snore.

Compared with other types of pillows, the mesh pillows have attained all the advantages of these pillows. They are soft and warm, but also maintain good support and have a high tolerance for sleeping positions. The mesh pillow gives people sleep with aerobic breathing. With the 3D mousse, the pillow is neatly sided by side, the air flows through, and any moisture is quickly taken away, and it is easy to form a cool convection environment in summer. Moreover, this mesh pillow can be washed directly with water because it does not absorb water and is ventilated and inhibits the growth of bacteria and mites. This kind of pillow is very suitable for children and the elderly who are easy to pollute the mattress.

We hope you could learn to buy a pillow that really suits you. If you still have some questions about the mesh pillow, please call us.

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