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Mesh Fabric principle of the mesh effect and seven features

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Mesh Fabric has a breathable, porous, and elastic body. After bleaching and dyeing, the fabric is quite cool. In addition to summer clothing, it is particularly suitable for curtains, mosquito nets, and other items. The mesh chain stitch tissue is woven on a warp knitting machine and processed by pre-shrinking, special dyeing, and excellent finishing, giving it unique advantages such as a strong three-dimensional feel, freedom of stretch, and outstanding style. Next, let's take a look at the Mesh Effect principle and the seven characteristics of 3D mesh fabric. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • The principle of the mesh effect of Mesh Fabric.

  • Seven features of Mesh Fabric fabrics.

The principle of the mesh effect of Mesh Fabric.

Mesh fabrics have three groups of yarns: parallel warp yarns, mesh yarns, and knotted yarns (square mesh fabrics). Each mesh yarn alternates along a different warp course, moving from one warp to another, thus forming a square mesh. The knotted yarns tie the mesh yarns to the warp yarns in places, holding the fabric in place.

The hanging arcs in the single needle, single row gathering loops of the interweaving equipment are not closed and attempt to straighten, and some of the yarn segments are conveyed into the connected loops, making the loops larger and rounder, thus forming interwoven spreads of honeycomb mesh (not through-holes) in the fabric discord, which is the effective surface. Loop collection fabrics use single needle double or single needle multi-row collection loops to form an uneven Mesh Fabric. The more pendants in the circle, the more pronounced the height effect and the larger the mesh.

Seven features of Mesh Fabric fabrics.

Firstly, the breathability of Mesh Fabric is very good (a characteristic of polyester) and it is very suitable for summer clothing. Secondly, the fabric can be a little stiff to the touch (a characteristic of chemical fibers) and the garment may 'shrink' when washed. Thirdly, the mesh structure of Mesh Fabric is very elastic when set at a high temperature and can be quickly restored to its original shape when stretched, and the fabric extends extremely well in both horizontal and vertical directions and is not easily deformed. Fourthly, the fabric is hard-wearing and will not pill. The sandwich mesh fabric is made from polymer synthetic yarns and is knitted in such a way that the fabric is strong and will not pill and can withstand external forces. Fifthly, the fabric will be anti-mold and anti-bacterial during processing, so no mold will be found. Sixthly, air mesh fabrics are best washed by hand, as machine washing makes them more prone to tearing by hooks and stains, and the porous structure makes them easy to dry. Seventh, the fabric is colorful and fade-resistant and can be used to create accessories for high-end garments.

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