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How do distinguish the quality of Mesh Fabric products?

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Mesh fabric is breathable and has a water-locking function, and is now widely used in the garment industry, so let's see how to distinguish the quality of mesh fabric products. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Mesh fabric is a kind of composition fabric, why is it called mesh fabric?

  • How to distinguish the quality of mesh fabric products.

Mesh fabric is a kind of composition fabric, why is it called mesh fabric?

Mesh fabric is usually made up of three surfaces, the surface is mesh, the bottom is a layer of dense mesh, and the central layer is a link between the mesh layer and the dense mesh, 3D mesh fabric is usually made up of polymer fibers with high-precision weaving machine processing. The mesh is tightly controlled on the fabric, which gives it a sporty and stylish look. The Mesh Fabric is made by a weaving machine, which is one of the best machines for processing mesh fabrics. Because of its robustness and stylish appearance, it is used in several clothing categories, such as car seat covers and sportswear, which we often see.

How to distinguish the quality of mesh fabric products.

Because of the extensive use of sandwich air mesh fabric and the bright future of the market, many textile companies have joined the work to produce it. This is a great confusion for customers. So how do identify the quality of Mesh Fabric products? This starts with the characteristics and materials of the mesh fabric.

The first thing to look for in a Mesh Fabric is whether it is pilling or not; it is made from a polymer material, a great feature of which is that it does not pill, and the weave is warp knitted. The weave is warp-knitted, so it can withstand a lot of tearing and the feel of the mold is lubricated and cool. The general fabric does not have this effect, such as car cushions, and the general fabric will become loose after a long time. It does not take shape.

Mesh Fabric is breathable, because of the use of high-quality raw materials, and the middle layer and the bottom layer is a fan mesh, that can adhere to the air circulation outside the cloth, so in the composition used as sportswear, sports shoe material, can let the table air adhere to the circulation. Some of the limitations in the market have poor breathability, and although they are similar to Mesh Fabric on the surface, they can be stuffy on the body after being made into clothing.

The bottom layer of Mesh Fabric is made of non-woven fabric, which has a water-locking function and does not penetrate the base of the car seat cover. Mesh fabric is a widely used woven fabric in textile work, and its processing is done by a double warp weaving machine. It is processed on a double warp weaving machine as opposed to a single warp weaving machine. In terms of process, air mesh fabric is far superior to conventional mesh.

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