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  • How do distinguish the quality of Mesh Fabric products?


    Mesh fabric is breathable and has a water-locking function, and is now widely used in the garment industry, so let's see how to distinguish the quality of mesh fabric products. Here are some answers.Here is the content list:Mesh fabric is a kind of composition fabric, why is it called mesh fabric?Ho Read More
  • Mesh Fabric clothing applications and introduction


    Mesh Fabric clothing applications and introductionMesh Fabric is a fabric that is often used in our daily lives. Mesh Fabric is commonly known as extra thick sandwich mesh, also known as 3D material or 3D spacer fabric. It is a new pure fabric with excellent breathability, elasticity, and support, a Read More
  • Mesh Fabric Vision and Discussion


    Combining the structural characteristics of spacer air mesh fabrics with current technological developments, engineering fabrics account for a large proportion of the current market, and the warp-knitted structure is highly designable, extensible, and stable due to the variety of variations and weav Read More
  • Mix and match Mesh Fabric with other elements


    The tulle skirt is a very fashionable style of skirt, not a classic style, but it does not compromise on the nature of fashionability and beauty. Tulle has a light and translucent feel that is easy to wear on the body with a divine aura. In addition, the soft and light nature of the tulle skirt also Read More

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