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Mesh Fabric Vision and Discussion

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Combining the structural characteristics of spacer air mesh fabrics with current technological developments, engineering fabrics account for a large proportion of the current market, and the warp-knitted structure is highly designable, extensible, and stable due to the variety of variations and weaving processes, making Mesh Fabrics more practical in certain areas. This paper summarises the current state of research into the mechanics and applications of woven, knitted, and knitted mesh fabrics and draws the following conclusions. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Outlook for Mesh Fabrics.

  • The pre-treatment and dyeing process of Mesh Fabric is discussed.

Outlook for Mesh Fabrics.

Woven Mesh Fabrics are more stable when the mesh shape is square, and the smaller the eyelet the better the stability. To solve the problem of poor yarn slip resistance, coated, impregnated or deformed yarns can be used as weft yarns or in parallel with weft yarns, and are widely used in industrial filter screens and agricultural and forestry protection.

Knitted mesh fabrics are currently the most widely used, mainly warp knitted Mesh Fabrics, with a wide range of knitting techniques. The use of computer graphics tools to achieve better simulation of fabric deformation, to predict the extent of mesh coil deformation in advance, provides a better theoretical basis for the developers of air mesh fabrics and improves production efficiency.

Mesh fabric is an automated composite material made using preformed parts manufacturing technology and is widely used in industry. There is a need to address the issue of production efficiency and to work intensively with materials science, informatics, industrial design, mechanical engineering, and industrial engineering to improve the service life, UV resistance, acid, and alkali resistance of woven Mesh Fabrics.

The use of high-performance fibers in mesh fabrics is still in its infancy. At the same time, basic research into the dynamic mechanical properties of mesh fabrics under different conditions of use is still scarce. Research in these two areas will help to guide the further application of Mesh Fabrics.

The pre-treatment and dyeing process of Mesh Fabric is discussed.

The pre-treatment of Mesh Fabric has a direct impact on the quality of the dyeing process. Over the years, large-scale production has proven that a boiling and bleaching bath is feasible. The boiling and bleaching process is short, the equipment utilization rate is high, time and energy are saved and the dyeing quality is stable, thus greatly increasing the economic efficiency. Secondly, under the premise of quality assurance in the pre-treatment, the choice of dyestuff is the key to dyeing to improve the quality of the dye. In the color combination, we must not only consider the compatibility of the dyestuff but also pay attention to the directness of the material and its dyeability, so that we can develop a reasonable dyeing process for each type of dyestuff accordingly. The dyeing process is strictly implemented to ensure the quality of the 3D mesh fabric. In addition, to ensure the quality of the dying, the post-treatment must be strengthened. This is the only way to reduce the variance of the cylinder, stabilize the color and ensure the fastness.

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