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Quick Start Guide of Sandwich Mesh Fabric

What is Sandwich Mesh Fabric?

Sandwich mesh is connected with monofilament on the surface of the mesh, so it has good air permeability and comfort. It can be used in shoes, bags, car cushions and other products.

What Sandwich Mesh Fabric Do We Provide?
Breathable:Sandwich mesh surface is mesh, the middle of the sandwich is vertical monofilament, forming a hollow structure, very breathable and comfortable. Used in seat cushion, cold cushion can play a very good ventilation and cooling effect. Shock absorption Sandwich Mesh Fabric: In the middle of the sandwich mesh, there are a lot of yarns, which support the upper and lower sides of the mesh. When the fabric is stressed, the sandwich can play a good cushioning and shock absorption effect, so that the fabric is not easy to collapse, and has a certain rebound.

The Applications for Sandwich Mesh Fabric

Sandwich mesh fabric breathable and comfortable, and has good support, can be used for sports shoes, backpacks, cushions and other products. Polyester mesh fabric itself has the characteristics of easy to wash and dry, made of mattress pillow is also easy to clean, do not need special care.
Mattress Mattress
Clothing Clothing
Cooling Mat Cooling Mat
Hat Hat
Shoes Shoes
Pillow Pillow

Features of Sandwich Mesh Fabric

Sandwich mesh fabric has a lot of mesh structure, good air permeability. We use environmentally friendly dyes to ensure that the fabric is free from harmful substances. Our sandwich mesh fabric can be processed in a variety of ways to make it waterproof, antibacterial, antistatic, etc.
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Why Choose Our Sandwich Mesh Fabric

Our company has 60 sets of various types of warping machine and matching warping machine, specializing in the production of polyester and other raw materials sandwich mesh fabric, there are more than 100 varieties of different specifications. We have special inspection equipment to ensure the quality of the fabric.

Information About Sandwich Mesh Fabric

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