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The weaving principle and characteristics of Mesh Fabric

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As a new generation of modern textiles, spacer air mesh fabric is set to show great promise in modern production life as its weaving technology continues to mature and its printing, dyeing and finishing processes improve. Let's take a look at the weaving principles and characteristics of Mesh Fabric. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • The weaving principle of Mesh Fabric.

  • Five features and advantages of Mesh Fabric.

The weaving principle of Mesh Fabric.

Mesh fabrics are usually woven in two ways: one is with two sets of warp yarns (ground warp and twisted warp), which are twisted around each other to form the bobbin and interlaced with the weft yarns (see leno arrangement). The twisted warp is twisted on the left side of the ground warp using a special doup heald (also known as a half heald) and then twisted on the right side of the ground warp after one (or three, or five) throws off the weft. The other is the use of a jacquard arrangement or a change in the reed method, where the warp yarns are threaded into a reed in groups of three, resulting in a fabric with small holes on the surface.

Five features and advantages of Mesh Fabric.

Mesh fabric is characterized by its unique double-sided mesh design and a unique structure in the middle (such as X-90° or "Z"), which gives it a six-sided, breathable, hollow, three-dimensional structure (three-dimensional elastic support structure in the middle). It can be used to replace foam in mattresses and cushions. Secondly, 3D mesh fabric has excellent breathability and moisture permeability. Traditional cotton wool tends to absorb moisture and develop mold and odor. The warp-knitted mesh fabric has an "X-90°" or "Z" structure with double-sided mesh holes, resulting in a six-sided, breathable, hollow, three-dimensional structure, which allows air and water to circulate freely, creating a micro-circulation layer of hot and humid air. Thirdly, Mesh Fabric is light and easy to wash, with a structure such as "X-90°" or "Z" and a double-sided mesh with a six-sided breathable hollow three-dimensional structure, which allows water to flow through in a second, taking away all dirt and making it difficult for bacteria and mites to grow. Bacteria and mites are difficult to breed. The material dries quickly and acts as a mold inhibitor. Fourthly, the Mesh Fabric is ergonomically designed to protect the bones, with an "X-90°" or "Z" structure, double-sided mesh, and a six-sided, breathable, hollow, three-dimensional structure, soft and firm. It has 40 support points per cm2 to promote blood circulation at every point, effectively releasing pressure on the bones and cardiovascular support. Fifthly, Mesh Fabric is available in a wide range of mesh styles and can be designed according to customer requirements.

For more information about Mesh Fabric, please contact us. Our official website is http://www.huahongairmesh.com/. With years of experience in R&D and production, we can provide you with more product services and technical support! We will be dedicated to providing more and better services with high-quality sandwich air mesh fabric products, good services, and competitive prices!

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