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What are the advantages of the mesh pillow?

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About one-third of a person's life is spent in sleep. The quality of sleep directly affects a person's mental state and health. Therefore, the importance of a good night's sleep cannot be underestimated. As everyone’s an indispensable partner when sleeping, pillows play a key role in the quality of a person’s sleep.

Choosing the right pillow varies from person to person, and it does not mean that as long as you buy an expensive one, it is always good. The best thing is to buy some at a reasonable price that you can accept, try and use it. As long as you don't feel stiff and sore neck after waking up, then this pillow is for you.

In this article, we will tell you how to choose a suitable pillow for yourself.

Here is the content list:

1.The tips about choosing a mesh pillow

2.The advantages of the mesh pillow

1.The tips about choosing a pillow

The first aspect is hardness. Pillow is a must-have item for us to sleep, and its hardness must be within a proper range. A pillow that is too hard will affect our comfort and easily cause scalp numbness. And a pillow that is too soft will completely compress the pillow core, causing the illusion of not sleeping on the pillow. Therefore, when we buy pillows, we must have moderate hardness.

The second aspect is height. This is a key point to choosing a pillow. The height of the pillow core we see in ancient times is actually very harmful to the body. Because their pillows are not only heard but also very tall. Sleeping on a higher pillow for a long time is easy to stiffen the neck. After all, too high is not good for blood circulation. Coupled with the high pillow, the cervical spine is bent into an uncomfortable arc, which makes it difficult for people to fall asleep. So when buying pillow cores, be sure not to buy pillow cores that are too high. Here we suggest you buy a pillow with a height of 4-6cm. Of course, this refers to the height at which the pillow core is pressed down.

The third aspect shapes. Many people don't pay much attention to this point. They always think that the effect of pillow cores of any shape is the same, and they only pursue beauty. Actually, this kind of view is wrong. The shape of the pillow core also affects the quality of sleep. Nowadays, many stores have launched many odd-shaped pillows in response to the market trend, such as round, hexagonal, polygonal, and some even have no shape at all. In fact, pillow cores of these shapes are not as practical as rectangular pillow cores. If you are a person who likes to move while sleeping, then these round and hexagonal pillows will pop out as you turn over at night and be directly pressed by you. In this way, it does not perform its function. So here we still recommend a practical rectangular pillow.

2.The advantages of the mesh pillow

The mesh pillow is made from mesh fabric. Among this kind of fabric, there is a special one called the 3d air mesh fabric. The mesh fabric has the ability of air permeability and moderate adjustment. The three-dimensional mesh structure makes it known as a breathable mesh. Compared with other flat fabrics, sandwich fabrics are more breathable. The mesh fabric is treated with anti-mildew and antibacterial, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria. Furthermore, the sandwich fabric is bright and soft in color and the color does not fade. It also has a three-dimensional mesh pattern, which is both follows the fashion trend and maintains a certain classic style.

Our company provides you with mesh fabric pillows. You can even customize it to fit yourselves.

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