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What is a 3d air mesh fabric?

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3D air mesh fabric, known as the sandwich mesh fabric, as its name implies, is that the fabric is composed of three layers like a sandwich. It is essentially a synthetic fabric, but it is not a sandwich fabric that is combined with any three fabrics. The surface has a general mesh structure,  the middle layer is MOLO yarn, and the bottom layer is generally a densely woven flat surface. The sandwich fabric has many functional characteristics. Therefore, this kind of fabric is used in the field of industrial and work-wear fabrics. In the article below, we will introduce this kind of fabric around the characteristics of the sandwich fabric.

Here is the content list of the traits of the 3D air mesh fabric:

lWhat are the advantages of the 3d air mesh fabric?

lWhere can the 3d air mesh fabric be used?

What are the advantages of 3d air mesh fabric?

The appearance of the 3Dair mesh fabric is stylish and beautiful. The sandwich fabric is bright and soft in color and does not fade. It also has a three-dimensional mesh pattern, which not only follows the fashion trend but also maintains a certain classic style.

The 3D air mesh fabric has good air permeability and moderate adjustment ability. The three-dimensional mesh structure makes it known as a breathable mesh. Compared with other flat fabrics, sandwich fabrics are more breathable. And through air circulation, the surface can remain comfortable and dry. Although it has a three-layer structure, the fabric has a hole-like structure so it has good air permeability. The mesh structure of the station body also makes it have a cushioning effect, and the fabric will not appear pilling. It can be used in the production of car seat cushions. And it is particularly comfortable after sitting.

Sandwich fabrics are easy to wash and do not require much effort in maintenance. At the same time, the fabrics are treated with mildew prevention, so there will be no mold and bacteria in normal use. Sandwich fabric can be adapted to hand washing, machine washing, dry cleaning, and is easy to clean. Three-layer air-permeable structure makes it ventilated and easy to dry.

where does 3d air mesh fabric use?

The 3D air mesh fabric can be used in mattresses, cushions, sofa, Japanese and Korean sleeping mats, pillow core, and other household items.

In our company, we produce air mesh cushions in cars. The thin sponge is compounded in the middle of the 3D mesh fabric, making the fabric more plump and elastic, and comfortable to sit on. The bottom layer of the air mesh fabric is compounded with a non-woven fabric, which has the function of locking water. Therefore, even if the liquid is poured on the car cover, it can persist for a long time without directly permeating the surface of the seat. The seat has a very useful maintenance function.

The shape of the toy made by the 3D air mesh fabric is realistic and cute. It is soft to the touch, and not afraid of squeezing. Also, it is easy to clean and safe. The 3D mesh fabric is suitable for a wide range of people. Therefore, sandwich mesh toys are good choices for children's toys and decoration of houses and gifts.

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