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Uses of Mesh Fabric

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Mesh fabrics can vary in size from large to small, thick to thin, depending on the weaving process used. We have listed a few common types of sandwich mesh fabrics according to their different uses. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Mesh fabric for automotive applications

  • Medical Mesh Fabric

  • Mesh Fabric for Recreational Sports

  • Mesh fabrics for domestic use

  • Other applications for Mesh Fabric

Mesh fabric for automotive applications

Mesh fabrics are of great value in modern industry as a replacement for current laminates for automotive upholstery, such as three-layer laminates for car cushions with a decorative fabric surface, and a polyurethane foam middle layer and a bonded non-woven or knitted plain fabric lining. Mesh fabrics with or without patterned decorative surfaces will increasingly be used in the future for the interior decoration of cars. Some of the main applications for Mesh Fabrics in automobiles today are seat covers made of dense structured mesh fabric on both sides as an alternative to laminated polyurethane foam sheets.

Medical Mesh Fabric

The emergence of functional mesh fabrics provides an ideal option for medical applications such as orthopedics, bedsore prevention, operating theatres, home care, medical aids, and physiotherapy. They meet all of the above criteria and in some respects far exceed single-ply woven fabrics, nonwovens, foams, and laminated fabrics. Functional Mesh Fabrics are used as medical textiles for their durability, recyclability, structural stability, and wide range of tissue designs. They are currently used in operating table pads, medical bandages, and early warning devices for the prevention of back pain.

Mesh Fabric for Recreational Sports

Recreational sports textiles are a major market for sandwich air mesh fabrics in the recreational sports sector. It has excellent warmth, moisture absorption, and quick-drying properties, thus enhancing the comfort of wearing textiles for leisure sports. Some of the main applications for spacer air mesh fabrics in leisure sports are sports shoes, sandals, swimming suits, wetsuits, sports protective clothing, etc.

Mesh fabrics for domestic use

Mesh fabrics have already found a place in home textiles, for example for decoration and as bedding and carpets. The use of mesh fabric bed covers and mattresses is important for both adults and children, and many of these products can be found in our domestic market. Bathrooms are often very wet places and therefore very slippery. Mesh fabric is also used for washing machine nets, doorway rugs, body towels, and baby wraps, as well as for canopies, window coverings, and other household applications.

Other applications for Mesh Fabric

A German company has reportedly developed a spacer fabric for planting in marginal areas or formats for green roofs, which is covered with 3D mesh fabric on top of the soil. The filler is then filled in to stabilize the fabric along its length. The seeds or seedlings are then perforated and planted, which maintains the temperature and moisture of the soil and supports the seedlings.

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