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Knowledge of Mesh Fabric

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The Mesh Fabric is woven using high-tech textile technology and its birth has set off a revolution in the upholstery filling material industry, completely changing the status quo of mattresses that are stuffy and unhygienic. It is worth noting that Mesh Fabric is in line with the international development concept of saving resources and protecting the environment. So, air mesh fabric is so good, what are its related materials? And what are its features and uses? Next, let's take a look at the specific knowledge of Mesh Fabric. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Information and introduction to Mercerised Cotton Mesh Fabric.

  • What is Polyester Sandwich Mesh Fabric? What is Polyester Sandwich Mesh Fabric used for?

  • Information and introduction to Hexagonal Mesh Fabric.

Information and introduction to Mercerised Cotton Mesh Fabric.

Mercerized cotton Mesh Fabric is made of ordinary cotton fabric, this Mesh Fabric clothes are comfortable to wear Mercerised cotton fabric is made of cotton as raw material, made of high woven yarn by worsted spinning, and then by special processing procedures such as burning, mercerisation, etc., to make a bright and shiny, soft and wrinkle-resistant high-quality mercerized yarn. The high-quality 3D mesh fabric made from this raw material not only retains the excellent natural characteristics of the original cotton, but also has a silk-like luster, a soft feel, moisture absorption, breathability, good elasticity, and drape; in addition to the rich colors, it is comfortable and casual to wear, fully reflecting the wearer's temperament and taste.

What is Polyester Sandwich Mesh Fabric? What is Polyester Sandwich Mesh Fabric used for?

Polyester sandwich mesh fabric is a sandwich mesh fabric made of polyester and nothing else! What are the uses of polyester sandwich fabrics? Polyester Sandwich Mesh Fabric is a double knitted warp knitted mesh fabric that is called sandwich mesh by users because it resembles a hamburger so much. The fabric is made up of three layers of fabric and the fabric wears particularly well, so it can be used for processing shoe uppers. In addition, the fabric is more resilient and provides effective cushioning protection, so it is also widely used in the automotive sofa sector. It is easy to wash and is therefore used extensively in the luggage sector. In addition, it is available in a wide range of colors, has a stylish style, and does not lose its color, so it can be used for golf course surfaces. Sandwich fabrics are used in large numbers in cinemas and kettle bars because they are made up of three layers of fabric and have a good sound insulation effect.

Information and introduction to Hexagonal Mesh Fabric.

Hexagonal Mesh Fabric uses the hexagonal diamond weave, an excellent weaving method in which silk threads woven with the mandala weave are woven into a honeycomb structured mesh. The fabric is stretched horizontally, vertically, and diagonally to achieve good resilience and withstand tension from all sides, and is more resistant to wear and tear than the usual 'tic-tac' fabric.

Years of accumulated experience in R&D and production, to provide you with more product services and technical support! For more Mesh Fabric-related questions, please feel free to consult us, our official website is http://www.huahongairmesh.com/. We will be dedicated to providing more and better services with high-quality Mesh Fabric products, good services, and competitive prices!

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