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Tips for choosing Mesh Fabric and manufacturers

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Mesh fabric has a broad market outlook and is being used internationally in mattresses, car seats, sofas and as padding in high-end upholstered furniture, and is playing to its unique strengths, favored by an increasing number of people who promote health and ecology. Next, let's take a look at 4 practical tips for choosing Mesh Fabric and recommendations for manufacturers to buy from. Here are some answers.

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  • 4 practical tips for choosing a Mesh Fabric.


4 practical tips for choosing a Mesh Fabric.

Observe the appearance of mesh fabric visually, which is a mesh-like glass fiber fabric made by weaving warp yarns onto weft yarns, with the standard sandwich air mesh fabric having the same surface aperture, radial, and weft directions, and a straight and neat edge. The standard mesh fabric has a uniform aperture size, with a straight radial and weft direction, and a burr-free, neat and straight edge.

The smell of Mesh Fabric is determined by the smell of the surface, which is coated with a polymeric coating. The majority of counterfeit mesh fabrics are made from urea, PVC emulsion, and vinyl acetate emulsion, which have a pungent taste, and the human body instinctively rejects inhaling this taste.

The feel of the Mesh Fabric can be sensed by touch. Breathability and fit are core indicators of Mesh Fabric's ease of use. The standard air mesh fabric is manufactured to a high standard because the yarn, weaving, and coating processes are strictly adhered to. The feel of the fabric can be kneaded into a ball at will and then slowly re-flattened automatically without breaking the yarn; the fabric does not deform when pulled at will in the warp and weft direction; the palm caresses the fabric without sticking or stinging. The counterfeit and inferior Mesh Fabric either does not return to flatness automatically after kneading or is too hard to knead because of the coating layer; the warp and weft side of the fabric deforms badly when pulled slightly and does not recover; the palm feels tingling when touching the surface of the fabric.

Ask for the full product name, full product model number, product standards, performance, and manufacturer's full name and address for Mesh Fabric, and ask for the test report and certificate of conformity for the corresponding sales batch.


CHANGSHU CITY HUAHONG WEAVING CO., LTD is a professional supplier of anti-slip fabric, sandwich fabric, 3D mesh fabric, 3D air layer, and other products. Our factory has high-quality equipment with more than 50 machines and a monthly production capacity of over 300 tons and is located in Meili Town, Tianzicun, Changshu City. We produce knitted fabrics, warp-knitted mesh fabrics, and Mesh Fabrics in various sizes and styles with hundreds of products to choose from. Our products are available in polyester, nylon, and low stretch categories and can be widely used in apparel, shoes and hats, bags, home textiles, baby products, industrial products, sporting goods, daily necessities, automotive products, and other fields. All Mesh Fabric products can be customized in terms of color, weight, width, and hardness.

If you are interested in our Mesh Fabric products or have other requirements, please feel free to contact us. Our official website is http://www.huahongairmesh.com/.

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