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  • How do distinguish the quality of Mesh Fabric products?


    Mesh fabric is breathable and has a water-locking function, and is now widely used in the garment industry, so let's see how to distinguish the quality of mesh fabric products. Here are some answers.Here is the content list:Mesh fabric is a kind of composition fabric, why is it called mesh fabric?Ho Read More
  • How do I clean and care for my Mesh Fabric sneakers?


    There are many styles of sneakers, of which the Mesh Fabric upper is a more common design, which can be a good decoration and also play a breathable role. This kind of shoe would be perfect for summer, it won't be stuffy and it's easy to wick away sweat. Shoes that have been worn for a long time nee Read More
  • Mix and match Mesh Fabric with other elements


    The tulle skirt is a very fashionable style of skirt, not a classic style, but it does not compromise on the nature of fashionability and beauty. Tulle has a light and translucent feel that is easy to wear on the body with a divine aura. In addition, the soft and light nature of the tulle skirt also Read More
  • Why do people choose Mesh Fabric for their lining?


    Mesh fabric has unwittingly infiltrated our daily lives. We may not know sandwich air mesh fabric, but we have used it in our finished products. Most of our sportswear and school uniforms are lined with Mesh Fabric and sometimes we wonder why we need to add an extra layer of Mesh Fabric. Especially Read More
  • What kind of fabric is Mesh Fabric?


    What is Mesh Fabric and how is it constructed? I hope that after reading this article on "What is Mesh Fabric", all of you will have a new understanding of 3D mesh fabric. Here are some answers.Here is the content list:What is the definition of Mesh Fabric?What is the structure of Mesh Fabric?High-q Read More
  • The 3D mesh fabric pillow is a good choice for you


    Pillow, which is commonly seen in our life, plays an important part in our sleeping. Since the origin of the pillows, our human beings have created many kinds of pillows with a variety of functions made by different kinds of materials. It is universally acknowledged that if you sleep without a pillo Read More
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