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  • The main function of air fabric


    Among the fabrics, air layer fabrics are the most popular. Air layer materials include polyester, polyester spandex, polyester-cotton spandex, etc. Air layer fabrics can become more and more popular among domestic and foreign consumers, and like sandwich mesh fabrics, more products are made with the Read More
  • The difference between air-layer fabric and pure cotton


    Air layer fabric and pure cotton which is good? Air layer fabric and pure cotton are very good, different fabrics have different breathability, moisture absorption, warmth, and other properties, choose fabric to confirm the breathability, insulation, moisture absorption, static electricity, and othe Read More
  • The design principle of Air layer fabrics


    The design principle of Air layer fabricsIn life, many people may not notice that many of our clothes are made of air fabrics. Air layer fabrics are characterized by high elasticity, easy plasticity, rich colors, no need to lock the edges, and because air layer fabrics are generally thicker, thus th Read More
  • Air layer fabric of the preparation method


    Stretch air layer fabric is widely used in various fabrics and clothing. But how is it compiled? What is the type of compilation methods? There are two kinds of air layer fabric organizations: ribbed air layer and ribbed semi-air layer. The ribbed air layer fabric compounded by the ribbed and double Read More
  • Introduction of air layer fabric


    ​The air layer fabric material What are the advantages of air layer fabric? Read More

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