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The difference between air-layer fabric and pure cotton

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Air layer fabric and pure cotton which is good? Air layer fabric and pure cotton are very good, different fabrics have different breathability, moisture absorption, warmth, and other properties, choose fabric to confirm the breathability, insulation, moisture absorption, static electricity, and other performance characteristics, and then for the fabric brace, weight, softness, and drape to consider what kind of shape it is suitable for do what kind of style. Let's compare the difference between these two fabrics.

Here is the content:

From the perspective of function

From the way of making

From the point of view of appearance

From the perspective of function

Stretch air layer fabric, also called scuba fabric, is a fabric developed to keep warm. The main use of the manufacture of an air layer, the air layer is relatively thin, the air convection effect is not good, the heat generated by the body is not easy to dissipate away, and the cold air outside is not easy to come in, so it can play the role of insulation and warmth. Pure cotton is a filter air fabric, mainly used for ventilation equipment, air control system is to filter the dust in the air, mainly used as an industrial product, not a product.

From the way of making

Air layer fabric can be divided into three categories according to the different ways of making it, the first is to use the method of weaving, and then add a layer of yarn to form a sandwich-type of fabric, so that you can use a fluffier or feather-rich yarn in the middle of that layer to form a static air layer to achieve the effect of warmth. The second is the air layer fabric made by using the way of composite layer, putting the spandex spacer fabric in a kind of fiber solution, letting the fabric side stick a lot of very dense fibers, two pieces of this fabric using a special bonding method bonded together, the side with fibers facing inward opposite so that in the middle will also form a static air layer. The third method of production is to uses the knitting method, where two knitted layers are joined together on a double-needle bed knitting machine using spacer wires so that an air layer is retained in the middle. However, the production of pure cotton is much easier than the air layer.

From the point of view of appearance

The appearance of air layer fabric is not as soft as normal knitted or woven products but has a unique feeling of stiffness, which makes it more suitable for making garments such as coats. Air layer fabric is popular because it is warmer, and it is not easy to produce wrinkles in the process of wearing this fabric, but in the process of storage, be careful not to fold and store it, as it is not easy to recover from the wrinkles formed over time.

Compared to the two, the air layer fabric will be better. Air layer fabrics are more popular, but everyone's needs are different, so it is good to choose according to your needs. For example, the air layer fabric has good breathability and moisture absorption is comfortable to wear, has good warmth, and is the most ideal children's clothing fabric.

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