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The design principle of Air layer fabrics

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In life, many people may not notice that many of our clothes are made of air fabrics. Air layer fabrics are characterized by high elasticity, easy plasticity, rich colors, no need to lock the edges, and because air layer fabrics are generally thicker, thus they are also warm. Air layer fabrics are loved by the public. Let's take a look at the design principle of air fabric.

Here is the content:

The methods of air layer fabric

The innovative design of the air layer

The front and back design of the air layer

The methods of air layer fabric

At present, stretch air layer fabrics are mainly used in casual women's wear, such as bodysuits, half-body skirts, dresses, coats, etc. However, most of them are solid colors or splicing on the market, and the pattern or texture is still less applied, the shape is relatively single. It is X-shaped, and the most common technique is the design of folding.

The innovative design of the air layer

The air layer dress should be designed based on the principle of combining practicality and beauty. We should not only consider the direction of practical but also consider the innovation and beauty of the air layer dress. If there is no color, texture, and texture change in the design of the air layer dresses, the clothes will look monotonous and boring. The main design techniques are hand-painting, printing, color clashing, additive design (the same or different materials in the air layer fabric by stacking and other techniques to achieve a three-dimensional layered artistic effect), subtractive design (such as hollowing, drawing, cutting, tearing, wear, burning, corrosion, etc.), anti-thinking design (such as spandex spacer fabric and another different fabric splicing). We can use these techniques to achieve an innovation of air layer fabric, which is the innovation principle that air layer fabric should follow in garment design.

The front and back design of the air layer

Generally, the pattern and color of the front side of the fabric are clearer and more beautiful than the reverse side, and observe the edge of the fabric, the side of the fabric that is smooth and neat is the front side of the air layer fabric. This design is to not only look neater and more beautiful on the surface, and touch will be very flat, and very smooth. When washing the front and back sides, you should also pay attention to the difference between the front and back sides. First, you need to wash it separately and then turn the garment upside down. Otherwise, the stiffness of the fabric will be affected, thus affecting the aesthetics. So, for the sake of internal comfort and external beauty, we design the front and back sides will be slightly different.

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