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Air layer fabric of the preparation method

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Stretch air layer fabric is widely used in various fabrics and clothing. But how is it compiled? What is the type of compilation methods? There are two kinds of air layer fabric organizations: ribbed air layer and ribbed semi-air layer. The ribbed air layer fabric compounded by the ribbed and double-layer flat needle is commonly called four-flat air turn fabric. These two kinds of weaving methods have something different. The following will introduce the two preparation methods in detail.

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Ribbed air layer fabric

Ribbed semi-air layer fabric

Ribbed air layer fabric

Double ribbed air layer fabric organization, weft-knitted fabric composite organization made by the double ribbed organization, and flat knitted organization compound. The single-sided flat knit loops are arranged between the double ribbed loops, and are on both sides of the knitted fabric, forming an air layer in the middle. The knitted fabric and spandex spacer fabric made by this organization are dense and thick, with good warmth and stable size. Suitable for knitting outerwear.

The ribbed air layer fabric is knitted on the flat knitting machine, taking into account the direction of the machine head running, and the two tissue cycles are completed by 3 turns, which is the same as the Milano ribbed compound tissue commonly used in circular weft knitting. The two surfaces of the fabric are identical and have a cross-flute effect. When knitting on a flat knitting machine, it is necessary to frequently adjust the needle starting triangle switch in 4 directions.

To simplify the operation and reduce the number of adjustments of the needle triangle switch, some of the productions use this method of knitting. However, this knitting method produces fabrics with coarse surface cross fluting. Ribbed air layer fabric is tight, thick, brace, flat, has good dimensional stability, and has hidden cross fluting.

Ribbed semi-air layer fabric

There is a second compilation method ribbed semi-air layer fabric. Ribbed semi-air layer fabric is compounded by ribbed and flat knitting organization, using a double-needle bed flat knitting machine, closing a starting triangle, so that the outer three starting triangles and bending yarn into a circle triangle are in the usual working position, so the fabric is commonly known as three flat fabrics. The fabric has good dimensional stability, brace, thicker, but thinner than ribbed air layer fabric, is extremely easy to produce, and is commonly used for wool outerwear fabric structure. This method produces clothes that are more comfortable and friendly to people with sensitive skin.

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