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Introduction of air layer fabric

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The air layer fabric material

What are the advantages of air layer fabric?

The air layer fabric material

Its structure is a three-layer structure, the surface and bottom are plain, with a single yarn in the middle to support the erection, so that the fabric is hollow. Air layer fabric is a kind of textile accessory, and it is made of polyester, polyester spandex, polyester-cotton spandex, and so on. Spandex spacer fabric has the function of being cold-proof and warm, and it is not easy to wrinkle. Air layer fabric is still very special, it should be hung when stored, not folded for a long time, and avoid the touch of sharp objects.

What are the advantages of air layer fabric?

1, Air layer fabric is particularly effective in preventing cold and keeping warm. According to the structure of the design of the choice of lining, middle and outer three pieces of textile construction, so in the textile to produce a gas compartment, the middle layer of the choice of fluffy, ductile filling yarn, to produce a stationary air layer, with the best cold and warmth effect.

2, Air layer fabric is not easy to cause wrinkles, with strong moisture absorption / (water) sweat, this is also the air layer fabric of the three layers of construction characteristics of the distinctive, right in the middle of the gap is large, the surface layer is pure cotton fabric, so there is moisture absorption and moisturizing effect.

3, Good ductility, fluffy touch, because the air layer fabric selected warp and weft yarn woven method, to be more ductile than the knitting method of clothing.

4, Fewer blemishes, air layer fabric is selected in, in, outside the three pieces of textile structure, compared to but the piece of fabric results in less clothing defects.

The air layer fabric because of the air layer fabric selection of material surface is pure cotton fabric. And according to the characteristics of air layer fabric, the fabric application range is relatively wide and popular. Its sales are more inside the fabric.

Throughout the clothing market now, consumers have aesthetic fatigue of the old clothing fabrics, looking forward to the emergence of new fabrics, and air layer fabrics just to meet the desire of the majority of consumers. Since air layer fabric has many advantages such as large elasticity, easy plasticity, rich color, and no need to lock the edge, we should make reasonable use of its advantages, combined with color and style, and conceive a more innovative design.

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