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The main function of air fabric

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Among the fabrics, air layer fabrics are the most popular. Air layer materials include polyester, polyester spandex, polyester-cotton spandex, etc. Air layer fabrics can become more and more popular among domestic and foreign consumers, and like sandwich mesh fabrics, more products are made with them. Let's introduce the main functions of air fabric.

Here is the content:

The warmth of air fabric

Water-absorbing and water-locking of air fabric

The stiffness of air fabric

The warmth of air fabric

First, air layer fabric mainly plays the role of warmth. The fabric structure of the lining, middle and outer piece is adopted through structural design, thus forming air interlayer in the fabric to play a warming effect.

Woven fabrics can use double-layer organization, in the table between the warp and weft yarn and then add a system of warp or weft yarn, it can form a sandwich-type structure of lining, middle and outer three layers, the middle layer using good fluffiness and elasticity of the filling yarn, to form a static air layer, to achieve the effect of warmth. The most typical example is thermal underwear.

Knitted fabrics can have weft knitting double ribbed organization and warp knitting interval fabric. Warp knitted spandex spacer fabric is on the double needle bed warp knitting machine, using the spacer yarn to connect the upper and lower two surface layers together to form a sandwich structure, the spacer layer of this structure has a larger gap and stronger design, and there is a lot of room for development.

Water-absorbing and water-locking of air fabric

Because the air layer fabric is composed of polyester, polyester spandex, polyester-cotton spandex, and so on. So, it won't produce wrinkles and can absorb liquids. And because air layer fabric is made of three layers structure, with a large gap in the middle and pure cotton fabric on the surface, so it has the effect of absorbing and locking water.

The stiffness of air fabric

Stretch air layer fabric is generally made of two layers of knitted fabric, the middle with a special technology composite, and the middle is not the ordinary composite bonding tight, there will be about 1-2 mm of space, with fine pile silk will be two pieces of fabric composite together, because there is a wider than other composite fabric hollow position, the whole cloth surface is not like the usual knitted fabric so drape soft, but have a general sense of coat tweed brace, so many people use it to make coats and trench coats and other jacket tops.

Our products include polyester, nylon, low stretch, and other categories, which can be widely used in clothing, shoes and hats, bags, home textiles, baby products, industrial products, sporting goods, daily necessities, automotive products, and other fields. All products can be customized in color, weight, width, and hardness according to customers' requirements. And we have the advantage of fast and comprehensive industry information sources and convenient transportation. Changshu Huahong Weaving Co., Ltd. has a complete and scientific quality management system. We believe our products can satisfy most of our customers.

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