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Common types of Mesh Fabric

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3D mesh fabric is available in a variety of mesh sizes and meshes depths that can be adjusted to suit your needs by adjusting the stitch pattern of your knitting machines, such as the common diamond, triangle, and hexagonal shapes, as well as pillar, square and rectangular mesh shapes. The materials used in mesh weaving are generally polyester, nylon, and other chemical fibers, which are strong, light, resistant to high and low temperatures, and absorb moisture well. Next, let's take a look at the common classifications of Mesh Fabric. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Variegated beaded ground mesh fabrics.

  • Double-sided beaded mesh fabrics.

  • Other Mesh Fabrics

Variegated beaded ground mesh fabrics.

Based on a single needle, a single row of loops, flat knitted loops are added to each other in a horizontal row. The effect of the mesh on the reverse side of the fabric is not as good as that of a double-beaded ground fabric. Off-loop large mesh fabrics are made by selecting needles so that certain needles are not matted into the yarn in a certain loop-forming system, but are normally off-looped. The rolled edge of the fabric creates a large mesh at the interruption of the longitudinal line of the loop, which is related to the number of stitches that are taken off the loop in succession. Badland Mesh Fabric is commonly available in cotton, cotton-polyester blends, modal, bamboo fiber, and other raw materials. The use of staggered configurations of loops and gathering loops overhanging arcs to form a mesh, also known as beaded fabrics. A variety of beaded fabrics are formed by alternating checkerboard configurations with equal or unequal, but similar, numbers of flat knitted loops and set loop overhangs. Based on the ribbed weave set loops and floating threads, forming a diamond-shaped concave-convex mesh effect. The use of ribbed tissue combined with looped tissue creates a honeycomb mesh on the surface of the fabric. As the back of the fabric takes on a four-cornered shape, it is common for the industry to refer to it as a four-cornered mesh.

There is also a common double bead ground mesh. Due to the hexagonal shape of the back of the fabric, the name Hexagonal Mesh Fabric is commonly used in the industry. It is also known as football mesh due to the concave and convex structure of the back. This fabric is generally used as the front of garments in a reverse hexagonal style. From single beaded mesh fabric or double beaded mesh fabric variations, many different styles of single-sided beaded mesh can be developed. This includes the possibility of weaving alternating beaded and sweat fabrics, with vertical, horizontal, and square stripes. A wider range of fabrics can also be combined through jacquard.

Double-sided beaded mesh fabrics.

Some fabrics are also available on double-sided knitting machines, with a bumpy structure, and are locally known as double-sided beaded air mesh fabrics, which should be distinguished from the double-beaded mesh on single-sided knitting machines. Double burnout, double mercerized fabrics, color woven computerized large loop colored stripes, computerized jacquard, computerized warp hangers, modal, bamboo,water-wicking functional fibers, antibacterial fibers, organic cotton, etc. These are the higher end of the bead floor mesh fabrics.

Other Mesh Fabrics

Mesh tulle and other beaded roving fabrics, consisting of warp yarns and weft yarns, where the weft yarns are wound around each warp yarn in a diagonal line woven from one side to the other, with one-half of the weft yarns facing one way and the other half facing the other. These weft yarns form a mesh together with the warp yarns and the mesh of a sandwich air mesh fabric can be regular hexagonal, square, or diamond-shaped (Newell's mesh fabrics). The other type of mesh is a thin yarn with a hexagonal mesh (Mechlin mesh tulle), which consists of several warp yarns and a series of bottom threads wound longitudinally only between two parallel warp yarns.

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