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Different styles of mesh pillows

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After a busy day, I throw myself on the bed when I come back home. The moment of relaxation and pleasure is the highlight of every city person's one day. A comfortable pillow is as comforting to us as a dependable hug. The pillow brought today can not only soothe your fatigue but also be full of personality. It is a work of art within easy reach of home life.


In our company, we provide you with different kinds of mesh pillows according to your requirements. In the text below, we will introduce you why we should choose different types of pillows.


Here is the content list:

1.Why should we choose different kinds of pillows?

2.Baby pillow.

3.Adult pillow.


1.Why should we choose different kinds of pillows?


If calculated according to the eight-hour sleep rule, about one-third of a person’s life is spent in bed. Before choosing a pillow, everyone should first clearly understand the functions of the pillow. The advantage of a sleeping pillow is that the pillow can reduce the pressure of blood in the body on the brain. If you do not sleep on the pillow at night, then the blood will flow back to the brain, which may cause you When I get up the next day. However, the height of the pillow used will cause the neck muscles to be elongated so that the neck muscles are always maintained. In a tight state, you will feel a sore neck and even a stiff neck when you wake up.


Therefore, when we choose pillows, we must pay attention to choosing those high-quality sleep pillows with moderate height, good support, and resilience, and not every pillow is suitable for everyone. At different ages, the pillows used are also different.


2.Baby pillow.


Born after three to four months, the baby’s cervical spine begins to slowly bend forward. At this time, you can use a baby sleeping pillow of about one centimeter for the baby. However, it should be noted that the baby’s brain is still very fragile at this time. It is best to use a pillow with good support and high softness as a baby’s sleeping pillow.


When the baby is seven or eight months old, that is, when the baby learns to sit up, you can increase the height of the pillow. The best height is about 2 cm.


Children aged 1-3 are the critical period of physical development, and they must have enough sleep. At this time, choosing a pillow with a height of about 3 cm is the most suitable.


3.Adult pillow.


For adults, sleep is the same important. Poor sleep quality at night will not only affect getting up early in the morning to go to work the next morning but also affect the working status of the whole day. As the saying goes, the best plan for a day lies in the morning. In the early morning, it is necessary to have sufficient sleep, so choosing the right and most suitable pillow is the first thing. Adults can choose a pillow that suits them according to their height and body type. Generally, pillows of 8-12 cm can be used. For expectant mothers who are pregnant, sleeping on the side is essential. The dedicated sleeping pillow can support your head and upper body well, allowing you to sleep peacefully all night.


Our company has ultra-fine mesh baby pillows, sandwich mesh pillows, and bath pillows. You can order our products online. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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