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How can we use the air layer fabric?

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The air layer fabric is the most popular fabric these years. It is a kind of textile accessories. The air layer fabric is made of pure cotton fabric soaked in a chemical solution. After soaking, the surface of the fabric is covered with countless extremely fine hairs, which can form an extremely thin air layer on the surface of the fabric. Another kind of the air layer fabric is to stitch two different fabrics together. The gap formed in the middle is also called the air layer. The air layer is made of polyester, polyester spandex, and polyester cotton spandex as the most commonly used materials, with a wide range of applications. It is believed that air layer fabrics will be more and more popular within consumers.


The different kinds of the air layer fabric

The traits of the air layer fabric

How to maintain the quality of the air layer fabric products?


1. The different kinds of the air layer fabric


In our company, we generally have four kinds of the air layer fabrics. They are the spandex and polyester 3D air layer fabric, the fashion 100 polyester air digital printing fabric, the spandex air layer fabric and the blue spandex and polyester garment air layer fabric.


Each kind of the air layer fabric can be customized to fulfill the demands of our consumers. Among different kinds of the air layer fabrics, there are slight differences. For example, the 100% polyester air layer fabric has a better tensile force than other kinds of air layer fabric, so it is suitable for making products like masks.


2. The traits of the air layer fabric.


The air layer fabric mainly plays an important role in keeping warm. Through the structural design, the inner, middle and outer three-piece fabric structure is adopted to form an air inter-layer in the air layer fabric, which has a warmth retention effect. 


Double-layer structure of such fabric can be used in woven fabrics, and a system of warp or weft is added between the front and back warps and wefts to form a three-layer sandwich structure of inner, middle and outer layers. The middle layer of the air layer fabric has good bulkiness and elasticity. A good filling yarn can form a layer of still air to keep warm. The most typical example of the product of the air layer fabric is thermal underwear.


The air layer fabric is not prone to wrinkles. Moreover, the air layer fabric has strong moisture/(water) perspiration. The three-layer structure is what the air layer fabric unique for.


3. How to maintain the quality of the air layer fabric products?


Firstly and most importantly, the air layer fabric should be washed alone and washed inside out. Secondly, we had better use neutral detergent to wash the fabric. Attention, do not soak it.

Last but not the least, in order not to destroy the air layer fabric, we should hang it to dry.

When it comes to the daily storage, due to the particularity of the air layer fabric, please hang it for storage. After folding and storing, the crease will take a long time to recover, which affects wearing.If you want to know more about the quality products of Air Layer Fabric and Mesh Fabric, you can contact us at any time.

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