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How to choose a mesh mat

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The mattress is directly related to the quality of sleep. The mattresses on the market look similar, and often under the banner of "new technology" or "black technology", how do choose a suitable one for you? How to choose a good mesh mat? Here we will introduce the method to distinguish the quality of mesh mat.

Here is the content:

  • See, pressure, and listen

  • According to the age level.

  • According to sleep habits.

See, pressure, and listen

First, with the eyes "see". A good quality mesh mat, certainly will not have defects in appearance. You can see whether the mattress is evenly thick and thin, whether the surroundings are straight and flat, whether the cushion cover is proportionate and full, whether the fabric printing and dyeing pattern is uniform, whether sewing stitches have no broken lines, jumping stitches, floating lines, and other defects.

Second, is the force "pressure". Test pressure with the hand. Mesh mat should be soft and hard feeling and have a certain resilience. Do this to test that the mattress pressure capacity is balanced, the internal filling is uniform. If there is a sink uneven, the mattress spring steel wire quality is poor.

Third, the ear "listens". Pat the mesh mat with your hand, and listen to the sound of the spring. If a uniform spring sound, spring elasticity is relatively good, and sleep force is also relatively uniform. If the "creaking" sound, the spring not only has poor elasticity but also may be rusty or inferior products.

According to the age level.

When selecting an air mesh mattress, give full consideration to the age of the user, the requirements of different age groups on the mattress are different. Such as the elderly itself muscle and ligament elasticity have declined, more suitable for sleeping on a hard mattress, too soft bed can not support the spine, and difficult to get up. Adults with a bad spine are also suitable for a slightly harder mesh mat. Mattress for infants and children is recommended to choose a firm and elastic medium-soft mattress. Healthy adults can choose according to personal preferences, if the pursuit of comfort, can be a little softer.

According to sleep habits.

Each person's sleeping habits are different, and the mesh mat of the soft and elastic needs is also different. People who like to sleep on their sides should keep their spine straight and let their shoulders and hips sink deep, and it is recommended to choose a sectional mattress. This mesh cooling mat by using different thicknesses of the spring, according to the head, neck, shoulders, waist, vertebral tail, and other different stress areas, forming a different degree of sinking. Often supine, prone sleepers, should choose a slightly harder mattress. Because supine, and prone, the neck and waist need hard mattress support to achieve a comfortable state.

Air mesh mattresses are not only of good quality but also to choose a suitable for their own, which needs to grasp the above points. Because our close contact is the surface layer, so the mattress fabric is very important. Good texture, the fine workmanship of the mattress whether from the industrial point of view or the point of view of color with strict technical control, good fabric to make people comfortable and at ease, especially the latest anti-mite fabric, but also to give us a better experience.

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