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How to choose a mesh pillow?

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Mesh Pillow is a kind of pillow that everyone increasingly uses nowadays. Although the appearance of the pillow is almost the same, the characteristics of the pillow are still very different. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to choose a mesh pillow.  


In tradition, there are some kinds of pillows like latex pillows, memory pillows, down pillows, and function pillows. The difference between the mesh pillow and other traditional pillows lies in the material used by the mesh pillow. In most cases, we use 3D mesh fabric, a new pure fabric material with excellent possibility of breathing, elasticity, and support, to produce our mesh pillows.  So, in the text below, let's take a look at how to choose a good mesh pillow.


Here is the content list:


1.The traits a good mesh pillow should have.

2.The advantages a good mesh pillow should have.


1.The traits a good mesh pillow should have.


First of all, the double-layer mesh design of the 3D mesh fabric makes it breathable and moisture-permeable. Therefore, a good mesh pillow will change the stuffiness and unhygienic of traditional pillows. Second, the middle of the 3D mesh fabric is arranged vertically at X-90°, breaking through the traditional loose fiber 0°support, and the density is 800 times that of the spring so that it can provide cushioning protection. In this way, a good mesh pillow should have good resilience and provide cushioning protection to give us more safety. Last but not least, in a mesh pillow made from the 3D mesh fabric, the chemical finishing agent and fuel consumption is low. And it almost has no pollution, so we can recycle it many times. To some degree, using a mesh pillow does help our environment.


2.The advantages a good mesh pillow should have.


The mesh pillow can not only protect the skin from contamination by liquids and particles but also make the skin breathable. This light fabric is convenient for washing which effectively prevents bacterial and fungal infections. To our producers, the mesh pillow does not need to be cut and stitched and this pillow can be made in many shapes for its good malleability. What’s more, this pillow has good mechanical properties and chemical stability. The simplified process of the mesh pillow reduces the costs of production. So in the market, customers may buy a good mesh pillow at a low price.


The special performance and diversity of the 3D mesh fabric are also reflected in the fact that it can knit two fabrics with different properties together to form a simple structure, which makes it easier for users to adjust the weight, appearance, performance, and cost to meet consumer’s demands. We believe that 3D mesh fabrics will bring comfort to industrial, medical, automotive, and apparel products. 3D mesh pillows will become more and more popular in the market.


After reading this article, we believe that you must have a basic understanding of the mesh pillow. Our company provides you with good baby pillows. We hope you could shop online through our homepage. If you still have questions, please contact us.

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