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How to choose spandex fabric?

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At present, most of the fabrics are natural fibers and artificial fibers. For example, cotton is a kind of natural fiber, which has good air permeability and moisture absorption performance, but poor elasticity and easy deformation. Artificial fiber, as its name implies, is a kind of synthetic fiber according to the demand, which solves some shortcomings of natural fiber. Spandex, is a kind of polyester fiber of artificial chemical synthetic fiber, because it has very good elasticity, it is also called elastic fiber. Clothing fabric is generally mixed with different proportions of spandex to increase the effect of elasticity and comfort, widely used. So how should we choose spandex fabric?


Choose spandex fabric according to the comfort level


Air layer fabric feels soft and comfortable, good tension; Air mesh fabric breathable mesh fabric good air permeability, good elasticity, soft and easy to dry, is the ideal fabric for home textile, home furnishing; Mesh cushion polyester fabric cushion thickness is moderate, add anti-slip design, easy to wash, easy to dry, convenient storage and cleaning.


Select spandex fabric according to its use


Blue spandex polyester garment air layer fabric, spandex air layer fabric can be used for clothing, bags, masks and other products. Thickness in 1~4mm, with good tensile and skin-friendly properties. It can be widely used in various fields. Fabric with air layer containing spandex can be used as masks, underwear, clothing and other products. The fabric has good elasticity, good tension, a soft and skin-friendly feeling, and the thickness is 1 ~ 4mm.


Select spandex fabric according to the proportion of spandex


Spandex is generally not used alone, but a small amount of mixed into the fabric. This kind of fiber has both rubber performance and fiber performance, most used in spandex as the core yarn, known as elastic core yarn, the main characteristics of this yarn, one is to obtain a good feel and appearance, with natural fiber moisture absorption is good; Second, only 1-10% spandex filament can be used to produce high quality elastic yarn; The third is the elastic percentage control range from 10% to 20%, can choose different elastic value according to the use of the product. Easy to spin 25~2500 denier different thickness of silk, so widely used in the production of elastic knitting fabrics, such as socks, furniture cover, ski clothes, sportswear, medical fabrics, belts, military equipment, spacesuit elastic part. As people put forward new requirements for fabrics, such as light weight, comfortable fit, soft texture, etc., low fiber spandex fabrics in the proportion of synthetic fiber fabrics have become more and more.


The above is how we should choose some small methods of spandex fabric, I hope you can have a role! The company's products are polyester, nylon, low elastic and other categories, can be widely used in clothing, shoes, hats, bags, home textile, baby supplies, industrial cloth, sporting goods, daily necessities, automotive supplies and other fields. We adhere to the continuous innovation of business philosophy, strengthen enterprise management, promote technical progress, strict control of all products, firmly believe that "professional achievements brand, reputation achievements future" adhere to "customer demand is our pursuit", we provide quality products, good reputation, perfect service to win the majority of customers. Our company sincerely welcomes friends at home and abroad to come to guide and negotiate business, sincere cooperation, hand in hand to create brilliant!

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