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How to find the right mesh pillow you want?

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At present, the mainstream pillow market mainly has latex pillows, memory pillows, down pillows, function pillows (buckwheat pillow), and polyester fiber pillows.


Nowadays, a kind of new pillow has become more and more common in the market. This pillow is mostly made of 3D mesh fabrics. 3D mesh cloth is commonly known as extra-thick sandwich mesh cloth, also known as 3D material or 3D spacer fabric. It is a new pure fabric material with excellent air permeability, elasticity, and support. It is increasingly widely used by manufacturers in industries that require good elasticity and permeability such as mattresses, pillows, and car seat cushions.


A lot of people don't like pillows, especially younger people, but that doesn't mean they are not necessary. According to medicine, the main purpose of the pillow is to maintain this natural cervical curvature. The more a pillow fits the natural curvature, the more balanced all kinds of forces the whole cervical spine part is, so for a long time, it will not be sore and damaged.


In this passage, we will introduce you to how to choose a suitable mesh pillow. Here comes the content list:


1.The height of a mesh pillow.

2.The hardness of a mesh pillow.

3.The fabric used by a mesh pillow.


1.The height of a mesh pillow.


Pillow too high: over-high head position is easy to cause partial strain of cervical muscles and ligaments. At the same time, the curvature of the cervical spine was changed. The most direct manifestation is a stiff neck.


Pillow too low: when the head position is too low, the neck muscles are in a stretching state, affecting the smooth breathing, but also cause the insufficient blood supply to the brain. The most immediate manifestations are snoring and acid.


So we should choose a mesh pillow with appropriate height. For toddlers, choosing a pillow with a height of about 3 cm is the most suitable. Children aged 4-8 can use a sleeping pillow with a height of 5-6 cm. Teenagers choose high-quality sleep pillows with a height of 7-8 cm. Adults can choose the pillow that suits them according to their height and body type.


2.The hardness of a mesh pillow.


Strong pillow: the contact area with the pillow is reduced, the pressure is increased, and the fit degree is not enough which is easy to cause the whole head, neck, shoulder discomfort.

The pillow is too soft: the whole head is easy to fall into, and the support force is not enough, causing the pillow to be too low, affecting the blood supply and smooth breathing.


3.The fabric used by a mesh pillow.


Here selected a few different types of pillows on behalf of the product, understanding the pillow can be a direct reference.

Latex pillow: rubber juice through the process of foaming.

The disadvantages of the latex pillow are obvious. Firstly, the quality level of the latex pillow in the market is not uniform. It is easy to buy a mixed latex pillow. And a small number of people will produce allergies to latex. Also, the continuous force of the latex pillow may be uncomfortable for those who are completely healthy in the cervical spine.


Memory pillow: a polymer polyurethane material, the earliest used in the space industry.

Here are some disadvantages of the memory pillow. Although it also has air permeability, it is not good compared with a down pillow and latex pillow. There is a gap in product quality on the market. There are not many people who really master high-end quality.


The mesh pillow has good resilience. This kind of pillow provides cushioning protection. If you want to wash it, it is easy quick to dry the mesh pillow, which can prevent bacterial and fungal infections. Also, the mesh pillow can dissipate the heat quickly.


We produce quality mesh pillows. If you want to have a try, you may order it online or give us a call.

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