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Introduction of air mesh fabric

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It is said that people are more concerned about the quality and style of their clothes and shoes because of the rising of their life quality. Food and home are not the only two things people pursue. They spend money and time on choosing suitable clothes. Only with comfortable clothing can people live a comfortable life. As a result, large quantities of fabrics are made. The different fabric has a different function and used in a different situation. For example, some fabrics’ main function is high malleability while others’ may be anti-static. As a high-quality company with advanced technology, we choose to produce one new fabric----air mesh fabric, which is one kind of mesh fabric. You may never hear of air mesh fabric before, so you may not know why we should choose air mesh. Today, we will introduce the air mesh fabric to you.


Here is the content list:

lThe traits of air mesh fabric.

lThe advantages of air mesh fabric.

lWhere can we use air mesh fabric?


1.The traits of air mesh fabric.

Being one main product of our company, air mesh fabric has many special traits. Basically, the air mesh is made of 100% polyester. And the thickness is 1-4mm, the width is 1.5~2.2mm. As for functional traits, it protects the skin from contamination by liquids and particles and makes it possible for the skin to breathe. Besides, it can effectively prohibit bacterial and fungal infections. In other aspects, it has a light texture which is convenient for washing and disinfection. Also, it’s anti-static. It is well acknowledged that static is troubling especially in winter.


2.The advantages of air mesh fabric.

First, permeability. For example, after doing sports, the air mesh fabric is good for our skin because it absorbs sweat in time. Also, the mesh fabric can make you feel fresher.

Second, the dosage of chemical finishing agents and fuel consumption is very little, so it’s environmentally friendly which does contributions to our environment and surroundings. On the other hand, it has a low ignition point. Therefore, the air mesh fabric is safer than other materials. The mesh fabric significantly reduces the security risks.

Third, the mesh fabric is damp and mildew proof, and recyclable. Traditionally, many materials are not easy to disintegrate... But the mesh fabric can be recycled and used many times.



3.Where can we use air mesh fabric?

The air mesh fabric is suitable for home textiles, shoes, bags, sofas, mattresses, pillows, and so on.

Located in Changshu city, 5 kilometers away from the harbor district, Huahong Weaving Co., Ltd has convenient traffic advantages. Huahong Weaving Co., Ltd. is certified by the IS09001 international quality management system. As a professional supplier, Huahong Weaving Co., Ltd owns anti-lip fabric, sandwich mesh fabric, 3D AI layer, and other products. Our factory has high-quality equipment and more than 50 sets of machines to produce kited mesh fabric and mesh fabric of various specifications and styles. Hundreds of products are available. The company's products-- polyester, nylon, low elastic, and other categories-- can be widely used in clothing, shoes and hats, bags, home textiles, infant supplies, industrial supplies, sporting goods, daily necessities, automotive supplies, and other fields. The color, weight, width, and hardness of all the products can be customized to satisfy the customer's requirements.If you want to know more about our high-quality Mesh Fabric products, you can contact us at any time.

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