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The harm caused by using the wrong pillow

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The mesh pillow is not used to pillow the head, but to pillow the neck. Using the wrong pillow, or pillow in the wrong way is very terrible! Here we introduce the hazards brought about by the wrong use of pillows.

Here is the content:

l Cervical spondylosis

l Brain atrophy

l Vision loss

l High blood pressure

l Insomnia

l Snoring


Cervical spondylosis

If we use too high an adult mesh pillow when sleeping, equivalent to the entire sleep process is forced to be in a low state, long-term will continue to straighten the cervical physiological curvature, causing damage, easy to cause cervical spondylosis.

Brain atrophy

Long time adult mesh pillow, will make the head long-term in the case of insufficient blood supply and oxygen supply, will affect the metabolism of brain cells, resulting in memory loss, the elderly early brain dementia, and brain atrophy lesions.

Air mesh pillow unreasonable is also an important factor in triggering the cardiovascular disease, cerebral hemorrhage, stroke, and other dangerous diseases. An unreasonable pillow will cause brain ischemia, triggering brain damage, while blood pressure increases, heart rate accelerates, making the heart ischemia, hypoxia, and aggravating the disease and even inducing death.

Vision loss

Many people do not know that the wrong pillow also has a relationship with people's eyesight. When the cervical spine cannot maintain the natural physiological curvature, it will compress the optic nerve. The result is vision loss, photophobia, tearing, eye swelling pain, and other symptoms, and in serious cases, even lead to blindness.

High blood pressure

There is a kind of hypertension called "cervical hypertension", which is not the right pillow caused. The so-called cervical hypertension is due to cervical compression of the carotid artery, blood flow is slow, resulting in increased pressure. Now there are more and more cases of hypertension in young people, in addition to playing with their heads down on the phone, but also with the wrong pillow related while the mesh pillow is avoided at this point.


Research shows that about 600 million insomniacs worldwide, 150 million are caused by pillow discomfort, and the unscientific use of pillows is also the primary factor triggering various sleep disorders. Ordinary pillows due to material, pillow type, soft and hard degree of unscientific, will cause the insufficient blood supply to the brain, and directly affect the central nervous regulation of sleep, resulting in sleep disorders, serious cases will cause long-term habitual insomnia. mesh pillow rarely causes insomnia.

And sometimes, the pillow is too low will lead to an unbalanced blood supply to the body, easily causing congestion and swelling of the nasal mucosa. And the nasal mucosa is very sensitive, a swelling will affect breathing.


Some people like to sleep without a mesh pillow. When people lie on their backs excessively back, easy to open mouth breathing, and then produces dry mouth, dry tongue, sore throat, and snoring phenomenon.

Mesh pillow in the human sleep occupies an important position, the right mesh pillow helps you sleep more sweetly, but the long-term use of unsuitable pillows will cause a series of chronic strains, and even develop into a variety of diseases. Even the customary pillow may not be the most suitable. Should have to choose a suitable pillow that is the best for yourself.

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