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The production of a mesh mat

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Different groups of people are suitable to select different mesh mats. Nowadays, there are various varieties of cushions on the market, and some materials show that the normal human sleeping position is often changed after falling asleep, tossing, and turning up to 20-30 times a night. If the mesh mat cannot hold the body to support the various parts of the body, body pressure and discomfort will appear.

Here is the content:

l Through the spring

l Material

l Playing blanket pressed brown piece

l Surrounding edge


Through the spring

Putting on the spring is the process of connecting the coil springs in the spring air mesh mattress into a whole. The spring is wound with a diameter of 1.2 to 1.6mm of charcoal just, wound into a hole diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the spring being worn, and the gap is within 2mm. Winding through the spring, the spring mattress will be adjacent to the upper and lower circles of the spiral spring and are connected vertically and horizontally to the mesh mat spring core. Then use steel wire pliers to wear spring steel wire ends bent tight in the spring circle. That is easy and fast, but also solid and reliable.


The quilting layer is composed of two parts and is connected with the mesh cooling mat spring bed core, cut to leave the quilting layer and the margin of the head of the seam around the edge, the usual practice is to make the non-woven fabric in quilting larger than the size of the fabric, with the non-woven fabric out of the long part and the edge of the steel connection, fastening, so that the quilting layer fixed on the edge of the steel. Therefore, when cutting the composite fabric allow for the amount of non-woven fabric. In addition, when both sides of the mesh cooling mat are decorated with a wrap button, also reserve the concave allowance for the wrap button to pull the fabric tight.

Playing blanket pressed brown piece

Laying brown silk pad: will be prepared for the thickness of 15 ~ 30mm laying bedding material on the upper and lower sides of the mesh mat and around, and brown pad gun will lay bedding material buckle nailed in the perimeter steel. Check whether the bed core of the padding material has bumps and nails and whether the tips of the nails are pierced out of the cotton felt to ensure that the surface of the bed core is clean and free of debris.

Surrounding edge

The upper and lower layers of the quilting layer and the surrounding edge with careful sewing together, form the mattress on the upper and lower surface of the two peripheral thick line edge strips. The sewn edge is required to be smooth and straight, with even and symmetrical rounding all around; usually sewn with an overlock machine to form the final mesh mat.

Everyone has different preferences for the softness of the mesh mat, some people like to sleep on hard beds, and some people like to sleep on soft beds. A cushion that is comfortable and has a certain support force can make all parts of the human body support, all parts of the body to get relaxed, and the human body can get a full rest. The selection of cushions must be in contact with their physical conditions, and 3D mesh fabric mattresses suitable for most of the population.

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