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The three main roles of the mesh pillow

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I believe that we all need use to sleep, sleep in life without a pillow, it should be very few people. Mesh pillows as bedding, when we sleep, play an extremely important role. Here, let's understand, when people sleep, why will commonly need a pillow, pillow in the end what role does it has?

Here is the content:

l Lightens the load on the brain

l Correct the shape of the body and spine

l Eliminate fatigue


Lightens the load on the brain

Sleeping at night without a mesh pillow will cause the position of the head to be lower than the heart, thus increasing the inflow of blood to the brain, resulting in congestion of the cerebral vessels, which not only causes the brain does not to get proper rest, but also easy to cause dizziness and brain swelling phenomenon. Therefore, when sleeping, the mesh pillow will promote a smoother blood flow in the body, but also reduce the burden on the brain. Secondly, the head cushion is high, and the chest position is also slightly elevated, making the blood in the lower body easier to flow, but also can effectively reduce the pressure on the heart, the quality of sleep has a more effective guarantee.

Correct the shape of the body and spine

Under normal circumstances, the human spine has four curves, only to maintain a good normal curve of the spine, to show the body shape of the human body aesthetics. Generally speaking, the normal forward curvature of the human cervical spine arc between 10 and 20 cm, in the human body walking upright or standing, the cervical spine can be adjusted on its own, and when sleeping, can only rely on the mesh pillow to maintain, so, when sleeping, with a mesh pillow can maintain the normal shape of the spine, the shape of the body and spine to correct the body also has some help.

Eliminate fatigue

Air mesh pillow can adapt to the physiological curvature of the cervical spine so that when people sleep in contact with the cervical muscles and ligaments fatigue, but also eliminate the tension of the muscles around the neck, ligamentous joint bundle, for the prevention of snoring and insomnia has a very good auxiliary effect. So, at bedtime, to ensure their good sleep quality should be padded with an air mesh pillow suitable for their cervical curvature, to eliminate fatigue and improve sleep has a great benefit.

As a tool for sleeping, the role of the pillow is mainly to promote better sleep, to ensure that the brain and body, and mind get enough rest. So, when you sleep, it is best to pad a suitable adult mesh pillow, not only to improve sleep quality, and eliminate fatigue, but also to protect the health of the human spine and cervical spine. The function of pillows is especially important for people. We operate enterprises in good faith, for many years to produce the best net pillow, and to get customer praise.

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