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Thick sandwich mesh generally used in what products

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Now people pay attention to environmental protection, simplicity, comfort and so on. There is a growing demand for thick sandwich mesh (3D mesh) in life. Fast-paced life pressure is relatively large, want to have a comfortable home environment after get off work, sleep well at night. Padded sandwiches mesh mattress can make you sleep quickly.

3D mattress leads scientific new ideas for healthy sleep

Sleep and people's health are closely related, adequate, high-quality sleep is everyone's common pursuit. As people focus on healthy sleep, consumers are also more diversified and humane in their need to purchase relevant sleep products. Mainly to the green hit the sleep products - 3D mattress, gradually the market attention and attention.

Mattress in a certain sense as a carrier of a happy life, its comfort and functionality play a decisive role. Designers cleverly put 3D materials and people's pursuit of scientific and healthy sleep concept into bed design and development, to create ergonomic principles, can play a full supporting role, but also to ensure a reasonable physiological curvature of the spine 3D mattress.

3D mattress with 3D spacer as a filler to replace the cotton wool and sponge, the use of "XC" structure, and to double-sided mesh design, the mattress presents six breathable, hollow three-dimensional structure, so that air and water free Circulation, the formation of hot and humid microcirculation air layer. This superior ventilation and heat dissipation can be effective antibacterial, and good resilience can fully support the human skeleton, the body in a state of complete relaxation, thus creating a comfortable and healthy sleep environment.

In addition, the 3D mattress features an "X-C" structure that avoids common situations such as deformation or collapse of the mattress. 3D mattress or a mattress can be washed, because abandoned the traditional spring, using a three-dimensional structure material, so you can arbitrarily fold and bend. Sandwich mesh

Be considerate and inclusive, wash fast, dry and nontoxic, effective support

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