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Types of the 3D play mat

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 As is known to all, the 3D play mat is a kind of double needle bed warp knitting mesh, composed of mesh surface, connected with mono-filament, plain cloth bottom, because of its three-dimensional mesh structure, much like the sandwich burger in the West, so it is named 3D play mat.


l 3D play mat mesh is a kind of new mesh

l The other types of 3D play mat

l 3D play mat performs excellently in functions


3D play mat mesh is a kind of new mesh

3D play mat mesh is a kind of new mesh, which directly uses high material slice, short fiber or filament to form a new type of fiber products with soft, breathable and flat structure through various fiber mesh forming methods and consolidation technology. It is a short technological process, high output, low cost, fast variety change, characteristics of raw material sources.


The size and the pattern of the 3D play mat mesh can be woven by adjusting the needle method of the knitting machine according to the needs, such as the most common rhombus, triangle, hexagon, cylindrical, square, square and so on. At present, the materials used in the 3D play mat mesh weaving are generally polyester, nylon and other chemical fibers, which have the characteristics of high strength, light weight and high resistance. Such kind of play mat can be kept at a low temperature, and it is good at absorbing moist.


The other types of 3D play mat

 What’s more, there are many other types of the 3D play mats. For example, wet 3D play mat is put in the water. The medium of fiber raw materials opens loose into a single fiber. At the same time, making different fiber raw materials mixed into a 3D play mat. Spin-bonded 3D play mat: it is in the polymer which has been extruded, stretched and formed into a continuous filament. Then through the mechanical reinforcement method, the fiber can be meshed into a 3D play mat. Let’s have a look at the next kind of 3D play mat--melt blown 3D play mat. The process of weaving the melt blown 3D play mat: polymer feeding - melt extrusion - fiber formation - fiber cooling - net - reinforcement into the mesh. Needle 3D play mat: it is a kind of dry 3D play mat. Needle 3D play mat mesh employs the needle puncture effect. Stitch 3D play mat is a dry 3d play mat. Stitching method is the used to warp knitting coil structure of fiber mesh, yarn layer, non-textile materials (such as plastic sheet, plastic thin metal foil, etc.) or their combination of reinforcement to make 3D play mat.


3D play mat performs excellently in functions

Because the 3D play mat has much functional excellent performance, use is extremely wide, according to its use can be divided into clothing 3D play mat, 3D play mat for shoes, home decoration, home 3D play mat, 3D play mat for health care, 3D play mat mesh for filtration materials, 3D play mat for industrial use, 3D play mat for the automobile industry, 3D play mat for packaging, 3D play mat for agriculture and horticulture, 3D play mat for the military and defense industries.


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