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What is the baby pillow?

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What is the baby pillow?


Pillows are essential for little babies. It is completely necessary for the newborn to use a correct pillow because the three physiological curves of the newborn spine have not appeared. A pillow too high does not only affect the growth and development of the baby but also causes breathing difficulties. Using the wrong pillows for your baby may roll over on his or her own and even increase the risk of suffocation. If you think the mattress is too soft to use the pillow, the principle of choosing the baby pillow is to choose a pillow with the right height, reasonable width and length, moderate softness and hardness, and comfortable fabric.


Here is the content list:

1.Why do we have to use the special baby pillows?

2.How can we choose the right baby pillows?

3.What are the advantages of mesh baby pillows?


1.Why do we have to use the special baby pillow?


Infants and babies are different from adults in their physical conditions. The adults are fully developed. But babies don’t. In different periods, there are changing conditions for us to pay attention to.


Newborn babies are not recommended to use pillows immediately, because the baby’s head and cervical spine are not fully developed. We can use the towel to fold in half several times as the baby’s initial sleep pillow. After three to four months, the baby’s cervical spine began to bend forward slowly. When the baby is seven or eight months old when the baby learns to sit up, we have to raise the height of the pillow.


Generally, if you don’t care about the specialty of the baby pillows, it will cause some harm to your children.


2.How can we choose the right baby pillows?


When a baby is in the month, his/her spine is basically straight, and the head is as relatively large as the shoulder’s width. Lie flat with the back of your head and back on the same plane. When the baby will look up at three months, the cervical spine appears and protrudes in front of the neck curve. At this time, you can use a baby sleeping pillow of about one centimeter for the baby. However, it should be noted that the baby's brain is still very fragile at this time. It is best to use a pillow with good support and high softness as a baby's sleeping pillow. At 6 or 7 months of sitting, the thoracic segment of the spine appears and protrudes toward the posterior thoracic region. The best height of the baby pillow is about 2 cm. Too high is not conducive to physical development, and it is easy to form a hunchback. If it is too low, it will cause excessive pressure on the brain of the baby’s blood. At the age of 1, the child need to have enough sleep. At this time, choosing a baby pillow with a height of about 3 cm is the most suitable choice.


3.What are the advantages of mesh baby pillows?


The baby's pillow softness and height should be comfortable. The pillow is too hard to easily cause deformity such as flathead slant face, but also the ministry of a circle of hair worn off. Parents often mistakenly believe that the baby suffered from rickets. Pillows that are too soft and too large can pose a choking risk to young children, especially newborns.


Because the baby sweats much, the material that makes the baby pillow should be sweat absorption and breathable. If the baby's pillow permeability is not good, it will cause the head temperature too high, so that the baby it difficult to sleep or feel agitated. Especially 0-3 months of children, the back of the skull is still very soft, long lying on the back of a hard bed or pillow will lead to a flat head.


The baby pillow that is made of mesh fabrics is in line with all requirements above. In our company, the baby pillow can be customized. With the polyester mesh, we promise you the best experience when using the mesh baby pillows. 

Our company also has many products such as adult pillow and bath pillow, please come to consult!

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