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What is the mesh mat?

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The introduction of mesh mat is that polyester cushion thickness is moderate, add anti-slip design, easy to wash and dry, convenient for storage and cleaning. With regard to mesh mat, which can be divided into two types——one is mesh cushion, the other is mesh mattress.


l What is mesh cushion?

l What is mesh mattress?


What is mesh cushion?

 The category of mesh cushion is 3D cushion. As is known to all, the 3D seat cushion is made of polyester 3D mesh fabric, and the size of it can be customized. The 3D mesh cushion has large mesh on both front and back, which can be used outdoors. On rainy days, it is not easy to water and can quickly dry out. On sunny days, outdoor seats are insulated from sun heat, which helps to prevent burns. The seat cushion is durable and not easily damaged.

Except these, the technical data is value, the tolerance of it is test method, the material composition is 100% polyester, the weight is customized, the size is customized the thickness is 5~20MM. The colorfastness to sweat is 3-4, the colorfastness to rubbing(dry&west) is 3-4, the feature is high permeability, environmental protection pollution-free, antibacterial, anti-tear, anti-static, and it is suitable for outside cushion, motorcycle cushion, or summer cushion.


What is mesh mattress?

The category of mesh mattress is 3D mat. 3D mesh mat adopts 3D mesh cloth, the thickness is about 5mm. The surface of the mat has a lot of mesh, which helps to keep the air out of the mat. The 3D pad surface is smooth and comfortable, and does not stick to hands. It can be used as children's play mat, yoga mat, tatami, etc. The mat can be folded for easy storage. Mesh mat fabric color can be customized, also can provide printing service. 

Except these, the technical data is value, the tolerance is test method, the material composition is 100% polyester, the weight is customized, the thickness is 5~20MM, the size is customized, the colorfastness to sweat is 3-4, the colorfastness to rubbing(dry & west) is 3-4, the feature is high permeability, environmental protection, pollution-free, antibacterial, anti-tear, anti-tatic, and 3D mat is suitable for bedding, floor mat, or baby play mat.

To be honest, word comes that in order to achieve the effect of light and breathable, running shoes and tennis shoes will use a large area of mesh mat; and basketball shoes tongue part also used mesh products, other parts rarely use mesh mat. Mesh mat is a special upper material, used for shoes such as running shoes that require light weight and breathability. Simply put, it's a fabric upper, but of course it's motion enhanced, typically using special fibers and a scientific high strength web design, and it's made of a 3d mold woven fabric that has the best breathability and elasticity, to make it easy to fit, which is now NIKE shoes do not shoes size of the running shoes, and lightweight. In addition, you can easily use a variety of dyeing and other means to make a variety of fashion personality styles. It is understood that every year. Nike will use this series to set off a fashion trend. From the beginning of 2001, is the concept of weaving vamp fashion, can be said to be a variety of materials. But the drawback of mesh mat is that it's too soft. It's not unsupportive, it's sensitive to sweat, and it can get cut or hooked. After all, it's cloth. So Mesh mat is commonly used for shoes that require strong breathability and light weight.If you want to know more about Mesh Mat and Mesh Fabric products, you can contact us at any time.

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