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What is the spacer mesh made of?

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Spacer mesh is all made of 100% polyester. So let’s introduce the definition of polyester fiber.

l The definition and property of Polyester fiber

l The definition and role of polyester

l The contrast between the polyester fabric and polyester


The definition and property of Polyester fiber

Polyester fiber is a synthetic fiber produced by the spinning of polyester formed by condensation of organic diacid and diol. Polyester chain research report pointed out: industrial mass production of polyester fiber is made of polyethylene terephthalate, China's commodity name is polyester. It is the first big variety of synthetic fiber at present.

The specific gravity of polyester is 1.38; Melting point 255~260℃, bond at 205℃, safe ironing temperature is 135℃; Humidity absorption is very low, only 0.4%; The breaking strength of filament is 4.5~5.5 g/denier and that of short fiber is 3.5~5.5 g/denier. The elongation at break of filament is 15~25% and that of staple fiber is 25~40%. The high strength fiber has a strength of 7~8 g/denier and an elongation of 7.5~12.5%. Polyester has excellent wrinkle resistance, elasticity and dimensional stability, good electrical insulation performance, sunlight resistance, friction resistance, no mildew and no decay, good resistance to chemical reagents, weak acid and weak alkali resistance. At room temperature, it has a certain resistance to dilute strong acid, but poor resistance to strong alkalinity. The dyeing performance of polyester is poor. Generally, it must be dyed with dispersive dyes at high temperatures or in the presence of carriers.


The definition and role of polyester

Polyester has many excellent textile properties and wearability, a wide range of uses, can be made of pure textile, but also with cotton, wool, silk, hemp and other natural fibers and other chemical fiber blending interweaving, into a variety of designs and colors, firm and scratch-tight, easy to clean and dry, ironing and washing can wear good performance of wool, cotton, silk, linen fabrics. Polyester fabric is suitable for men's and women's shirts, overcoats, children's clothing, upholstery fabrics and carpets. Because of its good elasticity and fluidity, polyester can also be used as lint. In industry, high-strength polyester can be used as tire cord, transport belt, fire hose, cable, fishing net, etc., and can also be used as electrical insulation material, acid-proof filter cloth and papermaking blanket. Nonwoven fabrics made of polyester can be used for interior decoration, carpet fabric, pharmaceutical industry cloth, lint, lining, etc.

Shading, light and ventilation. Not only can eliminate up to 86% of the solar radiation, but also maintain the indoor air flow, and can clearly see the outdoor scenery.


The contrast between the polyester fabric and polyester

Polyester fiber sunshine fabric with other fabrics does not have a good heat insulation performance, greatly reduce the indoor air conditioning utilization rate.UV protection. Polyester sunbeams protect against up to 95 percent of UV rays. Fire protection. Polyester fiber fabric has the flame retardant properties that other fabrics do not have. True polyester fabric burns after the skeleton glass fiber, so it will not deformation, while ordinary fabric burns after no residue. Moisture proof. Bacteria don't multiply and the fabric doesn't get mildewed. Polyester fibers tend to generate static electricity. Soak and clean with a softener. Dimensions are constant. The material of the fabric itself determines that it is not ductile, does not deform, and maintains its flatness for a long time. Easy to clean. Can be placed in clean water to scrub. Tear resistance.No reinforcement, natural tear resistance, significant wind resistance and withstand frequent use.

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