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Where can we buy the 3d play mat?

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3d play mats can be bought in HuaHong weaving. 3d mesh mat adopts 3D mesh cloth, the thickness is about 5mm. There are many mesh holes on the surface of the mat, which can help to ventilate and keep the mat from being stuffy. The 3D pad surface is smooth and comfortable, and does not stick to hands. It can be used as a children's play mat, yoga mat, tatami, etc. The mat can be folded for easy storage. Mesh mat fabric color can be customized, also can provide printing service.

l 3d play mat can be bought in Huahong weaving

l The brief introduction of 3d play mat

l How to buy 3d play mat?


3d play mat can be bought in Huahong weaving

Changshu city huahong weaving co. LTD is located in the international garden city - Changshu city, Jiangsu province. It is located in the town of Changshu MeiLi TongGang road, highway 4 kilometers, along the river port area 5 km, with a fast comprehensive source of information industry and convenient transportation advantage. Changshu city huahong weaving co. LTD is a sandwich, a 3 d mesh cloth, mesh cloth, 3 d car MATS anti-slip cloth, shan hu, 3 d air layer, and other products specializing in the production of processing factory. Our factory has high quality equipment, machine sets, 40 units, the monthly output in more than 200 tons, the company is located in the town of MeiLi urheen, Changshu city huahong weaving co. LTD has complete and scientific quality management system. Changshu city huahong weaving co. LTD of integrity, strength and product quality obtain industry acceptance. We take the quality as life, treat the customer's requirements as to do your own thing, no good, only better "is the tenet of our company. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to Changshu city huahong weaving co. LTD to visit, guide and negotiate business.


The brief introduction of 3d play mat

3d play mat, also known as 3D Sandwich Mesh Fabric or 3D spacer fabric, is a breathable, elastic, support are excellent new pure fabric materials. At present, mattresses, pillows, car cushions and so on need to have a good elasticity, breathability industry manufacturers where has been increasingly widely used. The 3d play mat is made of high-tech Textile Technology, which brings about a revolution in the soft filling material industry and changes the present situation of fuggy and unsanitary mattresses. Moreover, the 3d play mat cloth conforms to the international development idea of saving resources and protecting the environment. Finally, 3d play mat has broad market prospects, the international is being used in mattresses, car seats, sofas, used in high-end software furniture filler, is playing its unique advantages, for more and more health, ecological people love.


How to buy 3d play mat?

First of all, you can enter the website of Hua Hong Weaving and search for many links. Then you can click "Products" to find various types of meh mat through the view. Finally, you can choose a 3d game mat and add it to the shopping basket. Well, you'd better look at the inquiry first and choose the correct and comfortable quantity. Because 3d mesh mat is the material of 3d play mat and spacer mesh mat, it is wise to choose carefully. You can also consider our high-quality Mesh Fabric products.

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