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Why do we choose sandwich mesh fabric?

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It is universally acknowledged that people are more concerned about the quality of their clothes and shoes because of the higher life quality standard. Food and home are not the only two things people pursue. They spend money and time on choosing suitable clothes. Only with quality clothing can people live a quality life. As a result, various fabrics are created. The different fabric has different traits and their own advantages and disadvantages.


As a famous company with advanced technology, we offer your a special kind of fabric----sandwich mesh fabric, which has been widely used in recent years. Today, we will introduce sandwich mesh fabric to you in this article. So if you have never heard of sandwich mesh fabric, the content below will be suitable for you.


Here is the content list:

lThe definition of sandwich mesh fabric.

lThe advantages of sandwich mesh fabric.

lThe application of sandwich mesh fabric.


1. The definition of sandwich mesh fabric.

Being one main product of our company, air mesh fabric has been more and more popular. The sandwich fabric is a synthetic fabric that is woven by the scriptures. The sandwich fabric is composed of the top, middle, and lower three faces. The surface is usually a mesh design, and the middle layer is a connecting surface with a molo yarn in the bottom surface, and the bottom surface is usually a tape plane, commonly known as a "sandwich."  There is a layered net under the fabric so that the surface of the surface is not too large, and the fastness and color of the fabric are enhanced. The mesh effect makes the fabric more modern and motion, which uses polymer synthetic fibers to be woven from the precision machine. Mesh fabric is a boutique inside the needle.

2.The advantage of sandwich mesh fabric.


As for its functional advantages, sandwich mesh fabric protects the products from being conquered by bacteria, so the skin won’t be infected. In other aspects, sandwich mesh fabric with a light texture is convenient for washing. Also, the sandwich mesh fabric is famous for its permeability. When you sweat on hot days, your clothes won’t be smelly. But the sandwich mesh fabric helps you avoid embarrassment. It’s good for our skin because it absorbs sweat in time. The percent of chemical agent and fuel consumption is very low, so the sandwich mesh fabric will do little harm to our environment and surroundings.


There are many factors affecting the thermal impact of the sandwich fabric. It mainly summarizes thickness, fluffy, and still air content. In general, the more still air contained in the fabric is better. Therefore, we especially adopt this sandwich air layer mode when developing a sandwich mesh fabric. Because its special structure contains more still air to keep the fabric warm.

3.Where can we use sandwich mesh fabric?


Sandwich fabric is mainly used in car accessories, sportswear, luggage, etc. In our company, we produce mesh pillows and mesh spacers.


The sandwich mesh fabric makes the pillows and spacers more modern. The medium of the sandwich mesh fabric is a composite of a thin sponge in the middle of the fabric, making the fabric more flexible, comfortable. And the bottom of the fabric, the non-woven fabric, has a locking function, so even if there is liquid to pour in the pillows and spacers, it can also stay because it doesn't directly penetrate the surface of sandwich mesh fabric. Permeable is another highlight of sandwich mesh fabric, so sportswear is often used in a similar fabric. The seat cover uses this fabric to help drive for a long time, in the waist, the legs have a refreshing feel.


CHANGSHU CITY HUAHONG WEAVING CO, LTD is located in the International Garden City, Changshu. We are close to the YanJiang Expressway and the harbor district. If you are interested in the sandwich mesh fabric, please contact us!

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