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Why do we need mesh pillows?

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We all like to put a pillow under our heads when we sleep. According to verified statistics, people spend about one-third of their life sleeping. So, the pillow and person have an indissoluble predestined relationship. Therefore, in the context below, we will discuss something regarding the pillows.


Here is the content list:

1.Why do we must sleep with a pillow?

2.What elements should we pay attention to when buying a pillow?

3.Why do we need a mesh pillow?


1.Why do we must sleep with a pillow?


Why do you sleep with a pillow? Originally, the pillow has an important effect on human body health. If you sleep at night without a pillow, the head is lower than the heart, so the blood flow to the head will increase, the blood vessels in the head will be congested. For a long time, people will be dizzy, have eyelid edema, sleep well, and then affect the work efficiency of the next day.


On the contrary, the head is put up to sleep, and the chest is also slightly raised. In this way, the blood in the lower body can flow slowly, which can reduce the burden on the heart. People who lie on their back sleep with a pillow, so that their lungs are not pressed against the bed, which facilitates breathing. The person who sleeps on the side, because the shoulder is wider than the head, the pillow can make up the space between the head and the bed, so as not to sleep with the head tilted.


2.What elements should we pay attention to when buying a pillow?


Choose the pillow must consider the height of the pillow and hardness. If the pillow is too high, the neck muscles are stretched and can not relax naturally. After one night’s sleeping, your neck will be painful and your body even "stiff pillow". If it's too low to serve as a pillow, your ability for memorizing will be affected. It's a well-known fact that most people use their pillows when they sleep. Why? Studies have shown that pillows can balance the head against the lumbar spine so as not to put pressure on the cervical spine. When sleeping on your back, the height of your pillow should be 5 to 8 centimeters. When sleeping on the side, the height of the pillow is not suitable for everyone. It is also different from person to person because of gender and differences. Depending on the width of each person's shoulders, a woman's pillow should be between 7 and 12 centimeters high and a man's between 11 and 14 centimeters high. Apart from the height of the pillows, the hardness and the material used to make a pillow is within the ranges of our consideration. Next, we will introduce the reasons for choosing a mesh pillow.


3.Why do we need a mesh pillow?


When it comes to the mesh pillow, we firstly think of the mesh fabrics which is a new kind of material. The mesh pillow is suitable for handwashing, machine washing, and even dry cleaning. So it is easy to clean the mesh pillow. Moreover, the three-layer breathable structure of the mesh fabric is ventilated, which makes the mesh pillow dry quickly. In this way, the growth of bacteria can be inhibited. The risks of your family members getting sick will reduce.


The mesh on the surface of the fabric is mostly polymer synthetic fiber yarn, which is elastic and resistant to pilling, abrasion, and tearing. No matter you are an adult or an infant, the mesh pillow will satisfy your requirement for the softness of a pillow.


If you are still worried about the unsuitable height of the mesh pillow, then we are glad to tell you that, in our company, the mesh pillow can be customized according to your demands. Why hesitate? Call us now!

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