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Why we need four-sided elastic fabric?

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Four-sided elastic fabric can be seen everywhere in our life, daily necessities at home and so on. So why do we need four-sided stretch fabric? What's in it for us? What are the advantages of four-sided elastic fabric? Now let me introduce it to you.


Because the four-sided elastic fabric is elastic

Four-sided elastic fabrics are fabrics with certain elasticity. It can adapt to the activities of the human body, with the extension with the contraction, light and comfortable, but also can maintain the appearance of the beauty of clothes, clothes knees, elbows and other parts of the clothes not to wear for a long time and out of shape bulge.


Because the quality of the four-sided elastic fabric is good

The four-sided elastic fabric has good elasticity and is very suitable for women's wear. In recent years, the popular stretch women's leggings, many are made from this material printing. It can also be used for shoes, hats, home textiles, toys, crafts and so on. High strength. The strength in a wet state is basically the same as that in a dry state. Impact strength is 4 times higher than nylon, 20 times higher than viscose fiber. Good elasticity. Elasticity is similar to that of wool, with full recovery when elongated by 5% to 6%. Crinkle resistance is far more than other types of fiber, that is, the fabric is not wrinkled, good stability of the scale. Elastic modulus, 2 ~ 3 times higher than nylon. It has good elasticity and is very suitable for women's wear. Stretch leggings for women are popular in recent years. They can also be used for shoes, hats, home textiles, toys, crafts and so on. Good heat resistance, high temperature will not deform. Good light resistance. The light resistance is second only to acrylic fiber. The appearance is lubricated, the internal molecules are tightly placed, the lack of hydrophilic structure between molecules, so the moisture regain is very small, and the moisture absorption function is poor. Corrosion resistance. Resistant to bleaching agents, oxidants, hydrocarbons, ketones, petroleum products and inorganic acids. It is resistant to dilute alkali and mildew, but can be differentiated by hot alkali. Good wear resistance. Wear resistance is second only to the best wear resistance of nylon, than other natural fibers and synthetic fibers are better.


Four-sided elastic fabric is widely used

Four-sided elastic fabrics are weft-warp elastic. Generally speaking, it is made of polyester + spandex by round machine. Compared with other suede varieties, weft suede has good elasticity and a soft feel, which are its main advantages. At present, it is mainly used in sofa covers, gloves, clothing and so on.


In summary, we describe some of the advantages and uses of four-sided elastic fabrics, and know why we need four-sided elastic fabrics. I hope it can help you. The company's products are polyester, nylon, low elastic and other categories, can be widely used in clothing, shoes, hats, bags, home textile, baby supplies, industrial cloth, sporting goods, daily necessities, automotive supplies and other fields. We adhere to the continuous innovation of business philosophy, strengthen enterprise management, promote technical progress, strict control of all products, firmly believe that "professional achievements brand, reputation achievements future" adhere to "customer demand is our pursuit", we provide quality products, good reputation, perfect service to win the majority of customers. The company sincerely welcomes friends at home and abroad to come to guide and negotiate business, sincere cooperation, hand in hand to create brilliant!



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