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Why we need spacer fabric?

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Spacing fabric, a fabric formed by several yarns forming two or more layers of fabric and connecting the layers together by another set of yarns. The yarn connecting each layer of fabric is generally relatively sparse, while the floating line connecting is longer, the space between the adjacent two layers of fabric is relatively large, which can be more injected into the substrate and packing. This kind of fabric can be obtained by weaving or knitting. So why do we need spacer fabrics?


Clothing needs spacer fabric

Can be used as a cup and shoulder pads, has a certain firmness, durability and good washing and dry cleaning resistance, requires moderate elasticity, convex and natural arc shape, and soft and comfortable, no irritation to the skin. It can also be used as the lining and fabric of special clothing. It has the function of flame retardant and heat proof and has good wearing comfort.


Home textiles require spacer fabrics

Spacing fabrics have found a place in household textiles, such as for decorative purposes and as bedding and carpets. Warp knitting is important for both children and adults in the use of spread and mattress fabrics, especially in Asia. In Japan, different qualities of these products are available on the market.


Medical supplies need spacer fabrics

The emergence of spacer fabrics provides an ideal choice for medical applications such as orthopedic surgery, bedsores prevention, operating rooms, home health care assisted labor and physical therapy. It can not only protect the skin from the pollution of liquid and particles but also make the skin breathe, effectively prevent the infection of bacteria and fungi, convenient washing and disinfection, antistatic, less chemical finishing agent and fuel consumption, low ignition point, good mechanical properties and chemical stability.


Recreational sports require spacer fabrics

It can be used to make sports shoes, sandals, swimsuits, diving suits and sports protective suits. This kind of fabric has good air permeability, moisture conductivity and elasticity.


As a new generation of textiles, spacer fabric will have a very broad development prospect in modern industry with the continuous maturity of its weaving technology and the continuous improvement of finishing technology. In the future, spacer fabrics will definitely play a role in these fields, and spacer fabrics will also be used and expanded in other fields. The company's products are polyester, nylon, low elastic and other categories, can be widely used in clothing, shoes, hats, bags, home textile, baby supplies, industrial cloth, sporting goods, daily necsessities, automotive supplies and other fields. We adhere to the continuous innovation of business philosophy, strengthen enterprise management, promote technical progress, strict control of all products, firmly believe that "professional achievements brand, reputation achievements future" adhere to "customer demand is our pursuit", we provide quality products, good reputation, perfect service to win the majority of customers. The company sincerely welcomes friends at home and abroad to come to guide and negotiate business, sincere cooperation, hand in hand to create brilliant!




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