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Why we need to use 3d mesh cushion?

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The 3D cushion is made of polyester 3d mesh fabric, and the size can be customized. The front and back mesh of the 3d mesh pad is large for outdoor use. On a rainy day, it doesn't water easily and dries out quickly. On sunny days, the outdoor seats can protect against the heat of the sun. Helps prevent burns. The seat cushion is durable and not easily damaged.

3D (hollow three-dimensional) cushion is a new product launched by Amy 3D Bedding Co., Ltd., 100% ecological fiber woven, using 3D"X-90°" structure, double-sided mesh, a six-sided breathable hollow three-dimensional structure, moderate hardness, can roll, carry, easy to collect, not easy to deformation. No sponges or anything like that. Millions of "X" structures, delicate and care for every point. Mesh structure on the surface of the cushion, washable, quick drying, mite proof and bacteria proof.

  The reason why we need to use 3d mesh cushion is one of its ability:

l Why we need to use 3d mesh cushion?

l The excellent quality and widespread application.

l The other advantage.


Why we need to use 3d mesh cushion?

3d mesh cushion can be used to make sports shoes, sandals, swimsuits, diving suits and sports protective suits. This kind of fabric has good permeability, moisture conductivity and elasticity. As a new generation of textiles, 3d mesh cushions will have a very broad development prospect in modern industry with the continuous maturity of its weaving technology and the continuous improvement of finishing technology. In the future, 3d mesh cushions will definitely play a role in these fields, and 3d play cushion will also be used and expanded in other fields.


The excellent quality and widespread application.

Effective support, considerate and inclusive.3D material adopts "X-90°" structure, double-sided mesh, presenting a six-sided breathable and hollow three-dimensional structure, with moderate hardness and softness, 40 /CM2 support points, effectively releasing the pressure of the cervical spine, and supporting it to every point. Except for these, 3d mesh cushions can be used in medical supplies. The emergency of 3d mesh cushion provides the ideal choice for medical applications such as orthopedic surgery, bedsores prevention, operating rooms, home health care assisted labor and physical therapy. It can not only protect the skin from the pollution of liquid and particles but also make the skin breathe, effectively prevent the infection of bacteria and fungi, convenient washing and disinfection, antistatic, less chemical finishing agent and fuel consumption, low ignition point, good mechanical properties and chemical stability.


The other advantages.

It can not only protect the skin from liquids and particles pollution, but also make the skin breathable; Light texture, convenient washing, antistatic; Good resilience, buffer protection, easy to wash and quick to dry. Chemical finishing agent and fuel consumption is less, no pollution, low ignition point, fire retardant; Good fastness, no lamination, good humidity and heat comfort,good mechanical properties and chemical stability. Environmental protection, moisture proof and mildew proof, can be recycled.If you need Mesh Cushion or Mesh Fabric products, please feel free to contact us.

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