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Why we say that the mesh pillow is special?

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We often say that we almost spend one out of third time in our life in sleeping. That's true. So it seems that the pillow is quite important to us. But nowadays, people are busy with their work, forgetting to choose themselves a good pillow.


There are some kinds of pillows on the markets, such as emulsion pillows -- the kinds of pillows that are fire on the market now, feather-down pillows --its price is not cheap, memory cotton pillow, which is suitable for people who are easy to get injured and the chemical fiber pillow, which is suitable for people who are used to changing their pillows frequently.


The advantages of this pillow are obvious. People are familiar with them. But today, we are going to tell you a kind of new pillow, which is called the mesh pillow.


Here is the content list:

1.Why should we choose the mesh pillow?

2.What kind of people is suitable for the mesh pillow?


1.Why should we choose the mesh pillow?


The mesh pillow is made from air mesh fabric, which is a kind of fabric with mesh-shaped holes. Among the mesh pillows, there is a special one called 3D mesh pillows.


The 3D pillow is made of 3D three-dimensional fiber material, which is easy to dry after washing. The 3D mesh pillows are breathable and comfortable. The water won’t gather in the pillow, instead, it leaves quickly. Also, 3D mesh pillows are always fashionable and lovely. It has effective support, and an all-around breathable design, which makes the user’s head drier and fresher. The whole series of water washing designs allows mites and bacteria to hide nowhere, effectively preventing the breeding of bacteria and mites. The 3D mesh pillows can be washed with water. The washed pillow is more refreshing, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, natural and skin-friendly, and does not stimulate the skin. Sleeping with a comfortable, healthy pillow can improve the quality of your sleep. With it, you can have a good sleep.


2.What kind of people is suitable for the mesh pillow?


Generally, the 3D mesh pillows are suitable for all people. Among them, this kind of pillows fit the babies most.  


Under normal circumstances, there is no need to use conventional pillows during infancy. The 3-month-old baby starts to learn to raise his head, and the spine begins to bend forward naturally. The spine is no longer straight. At the same time, as the body develops, the shoulders gradually widen. In order to make the sleeping position suitable, the baby will start to use the pillow at this time. When choosing a pillow for a baby under 1 year old, we must remember this principle: the length is greater than the width of the baby's shoulders, and the width is the same as or slightly larger than the length of the baby's head. You can use a 1-2 cm high pillow for three to six months and a 2-3 cm high pillow for more than six months. 3D three-dimensional material is not easy to breed bacteria. At the same time, it can also maintain a suitable temperature. To babies, the 3D mesh pillows are the best choice.

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