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Why you choose 3d air mesh fabric?

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Mesh fabric is a kind of fabric with mesh-shaped holes. Different mesh fabrics can be woven with different equipment. In the market, there are mainly organic woven mesh fabrics and knitted mesh fabrics. Among them, the woven mesh fabric has white weaving or yarn-dyed weaving, as well as jacquard weaving, which can weave complex and simple patterns. This kind of fabric has good air permeability. After bleaching and dyeing, the fabric will make you feel cool. In addition to summer clothes, it is especially suitable for curtains, mosquito nets, and other articles.


There are also two types of knitted mesh fabrics. They are weft knitted mesh fabrics and warp knitted mesh fabrics. The finished knitted mesh fabrics include high-elastic mesh fabrics, mosquito fabrics, laundry fabrics, luggage fabrics, hard fabrics, sandwich fabrics, etc. Today, we are aimed to lead you to learn the sandwich mesh fabric.


Here is the content list:

1.Where do we use the 3D air mesh fabrics?

2.Why do we choose the 3D air mesh fabrics?


1.Where do we use the 3D air mesh fabrics?


The 3D air mesh fabrics have broad market prospects and is being used internationally as filling materials for mattresses, car seats, sofas, and high-end upholstered furniture. The 3D mesh fabric is woven by high-tech textile technology. Its birth has set off a revolution in the soft filling material industry and completely changed the stuffy and unhygienic situation of mattresses.


For example, we can produce pillows with 3D air mesh fabrics. This kind of fabric does well in dissipating heat and absorbing sweats. Moreover, the mesh fabric pillow contains what other pillows have and don’t have, so it is suitable for almost all people.


On the other hand, the 3D air mesh fabrics can be employed when producing a spacer. The softness of the 3D air mesh fabrics fulfills the demands of the car spacers and game spacers. So besides the mesh pillows, our company also provides various spacers for you. They are waterproof. So you can use these spaces for a long time.


2.Why do we choose the 3D air mesh fabrics?


The 3D mesh fabrics have broken through the four major problems of traditional fabrics in function. Firstly, the 3D air mesh fabric is easy to wash and it solves the hygiene problem in the history of fabrics. This product can be washed directly with water. The 3D air mesh fabric is ventilated and inhibits the growth of bacteria and mites. This kind of fabric is very suitable for children and the elderly who are easy to pollute the fabrics.


Secondly, the 3D mesh fabric can find a balance between softness and toughness. Pillows that are too soft or too hard are not suitable for people's sleep. 3D mesh fabrics combine the toughness of filaments, which has the toughness of traditional pillows, but it is not exaggerated. More than 90% of people recognize this elasticity.


Last but not least, the 3D air mesh fabric is breathable and transparent on all sides. It gives people asleep with aerobic breathing. 3D mousse, silk, and silk are neatly juxtaposed, and the air flows straight through, quickly taking away any moisture. Furthermore, the 3D air mesh fabric is easy to form a cool convective environment in summer.


After this article, we hope that you will have a profound understanding of the 3D mesh air fabric. If you have interest in our products, please contact us as soon as possible.

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