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Mesh pillow maintenance

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Pillow classification is also varied, the ancients had distinguished the pillow as winter pillow, summer pillow or baby mesh pillow, or adult mesh pillow. This classification is very much in line with the way of health, summer-like to use a cool pillow, the pursuit of some warm pillow in winter, some people like a harder pillow, while some people like a softer pillow. Modern people by the different functions of the pillow are divided into the first pillow, lumbar pillow, pillow, bath pillow, etc. But the use of pillows, while maintaining the mesh pillow is also very important.

Here is the content:

l Layout environment

l Quality maintenance

l Replacement frequency


Quality maintenance

The common pillow on the market is mostly filled with ordinary sponges, memory foam, cotton, etc. This kind of pillow with a long time easily deformed, elasticity also deteriorated, and cannot support the normal physiological bending of the human body. Normally, you can try to fold the mesh pillow in half and then release your hand. If the pillow immediately bounces back to its original state, the pillow core also does not have obvious creases, indicating that it is in good condition; if it bounces back slower, or easy to leave creases, indicating that the elasticity of the mesh pillow has deteriorated, and even cannot provide sufficient support for the head and neck, will affect sleep and bone health, causing insomnia, pillow, cervical spondylosis, etc.

Replacement frequency

1, Elastic and stable mesh pillow is not easy to deformation, good breathability, smooth surface, conceal insects cannot be attached to survive, suitable for people with allergies, the use of the period of 3 - 5 years.

2, The favorite fragrance of mesh pillow can make people achieve the effect of relaxation use period of about 1 year - 1½ years.

3, Animal fiber, fluffy, breathable good, but the allergic body or easy to sweat is not applicable. Down will ball up when it meets water. The general use cycle is 2-3 years.

4, Mesh pillows are composed of affordable man-made fibers, but long-term heavy pressure is easy to caking, it is recommended that once a month sun disinfection, every three months, or when the pillow becomes hard, you can replace it.

When buying a pillow pay attention to the density of the pillow core, the higher the density, the less likely it is to deform, the pillow on the head is not easy to fall in, and to provide sufficient support for the head so that the head feel more comfortable!

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