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The correct use of the pillow

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In life, everyone will use the pillow, but you really will use the mesh pillow correctly? If the pillow is not right, it will also make the neck uncomfortable. Today we will introduce you to some practical knowledge of the mesh pillow.

Here is the content:

l The location of the pillow

l The height of the pillow


The location of the pillow

1, The mesh pillow must be just from the whole head pad to the neck, not pad to the shoulders, and not only to the back of the head half, so that the head and body maintain a neutral position, can prevent cervical fatigue, according to such standards. An adult mesh pillow that is in the middle of the low two sides of the high is a good choice. It is best to put a small pillow under the knee.

2, Side sleep pillow height should be doubled, and between the two knees should also be sandwiched between a small baby mesh pillow.

3, Sleeping on your back is best to avoid, because the cervical spine will be under excessive pressure.

4, Some people are used to no pillow is not right. Because the head will be tilted back when sleeping, the pressure on the cervical vertebrae will be twice as high as when forward, which will lead to cervical deformation pain in the long run.

5, Remember to get up the first side, hand-held up, and then out of bed, do not directly supine straight up.

The height of the pillow

The most basic requirement of the ideal adult mesh pillow is to make the pillow can closely fit the physiological curvature of the cervical spine so that people who work and study and live all day sleep to relieve the fatigue of the cervical muscles and ligaments. The normal pillow height is generally ten centimeters to fifteen centimeters, shoulder width, body fat, and neck long people's pillows should be slightly higher. The requirements of the pillow are different for different sleepers.

A mesh pillow too high is not good. Some people like to sleep on a high pillow, think this is very comfortable. But in fact, this is not correct and will affect your spine. Pillow too high is not good, too low is not good, and some people even like to sleep without a pillow. This will make the neck in a state of transition and tilt, a long time up, and the mouth unconsciously open. This sleep is easy to affects the respiratory system, causing snoring, breathing with the mouth and other situations, and even sleeping at night when there is a foreign body in the mouth also do not know.

For an adult, 7 to 9 hours inside a day is to be spent on wear. That is to say, one-third of life is spent in sleep. And your cervical spine, a third of the time, is to deal with the pillow. So, the correct use of the mesh pillow can give you relief from the stress of the day as well as can make the next day full of energy. Before each product from CHANGSHU CITY HUAHONG WEAVING CO., LTD leaves the factory, we carefully inspect it, from the internal details to the external surface. We do not let inferior products appear in the market. we aim to let our customers buy with peace of mind.

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