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The three elements of the mesh pillow

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General cervical spine bad people choose to use mesh pillow, because its shape, first of all, to meet the overall normal physiological curve of the human body, making sleep regardless of supine, side-lying, cervical spine parts, respiratory tract to restore the usual normal physiological curve, while support and softness because of the use of high temperature under the heat compression special sponge, support than slow rebound memory pillow core to be more stable, in line with the principle of human ergonomics. Here we look at the three main elements of the mesh pillow.

Here is the content:

l Basic shape to support the neck

l Suitable height

l Fillers


Basic shape to support the neck

The Mesh pillow has a notch design, the middle is lower than the surrounding. In addition to moderate support for the head, but also mild support for the neck. The left and right sides are thicker, which can automatically adapt to the height of the body's side sleep when it turns over on its side during sleep. Each part of this shape can ensure that you have the most ideal sleeping position. Pillow 5 types of the basic shape include 5 parts, (front and back left and right-side position, and the middle part), moderate support for the neck. Each part of the mesh pillow can guarantee you the most ideal posture. Neck unit: mild support for the neck Middle part: lower than around, to support the head. Relatively thicker on both sides, side turning during sleep can automatically adapt to the body side reference sleeping height.

Suitable height

You can choose from 5 basic heights and more than 10 kinds of adjustable height pillows. Human sleep is the most comfortable when standing in the same position, that is, when sleeping the body also needs about a 5-degree angle. If you do not sleep on a pillow, at least no support for the head! Make your neck vertebrae gradually easy to deform! Do not sleep on the pillow or the pillow is a too low problem is not small. The mesh pillow is high, even if you sleep and rest for a long time, but also rest is not good! This may be an important reason why you sleep for a long time but always feel physically drowsy!


You can choose more than 10 different basic fillers and more than 40 kinds of composite fillers, making the pillow has different elasticity, softness, and natural effects, so that customers can choose the right one. According to the different filling materials, the pillow can be divided into three categories: adult mesh pillow and baby mesh pillow, which is convenient for customers to choose, in addition, the pillow adopts the structure of soft and hard double-sided so that customers can choose any soft and hard surface according to their preferences to quickly go to sleep.

The three main elements of the mesh pillow are conducive to improving cervical discomfort, effectively promoting blood circulation, eliminating neck fatigue and soreness, and reducing the number of unnecessary turns during sleep. We focus on leading the market in the development of new fabrics and provide free samples to send to customers. Also, you can provide your design and we will produce it according to your requirements. Welcome to visit our factory.

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