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Where does air mesh fabric to use in?

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With the improvement of science and technology, people not only just satisfy themselves not be starved, but also pursuit better clothes. Only with comfortable clothes can people live a comfortable life. As a result, large quantities of fabrics are created.


Here is the content list:

lWhat is air mesh fabric?

lWhat are the advantages of air mesh fabric?

lWhere does air mesh fabric to use in?


What is air mesh fabric?

The air mesh fabric is one of the new fabrics in the emerging market. Air mesh fabric is a kind of fabric made of knitted machines. Air mesh fabric is made of three parts. It is like a sandwich, so air mesh fabric is also called sandwich fabric.


As a newly invented material, it has many special traits which can enable it to be used well. First of all, It prevents the skin from being hurt by liquids and particles so that the skin can breathe freely. Second, the air mesh fabric can effectively protect people from being infected by bacteria and fungus. These two traits reduce the risks to people’s health. In other aspects, the texture of the air mesh fabric makes it convenient for washing and drying. It is universally acknowledged that static is troubling especially in winter. But you don’t need to worry about it because the mesh fabric is anti-static.


What are the advantages of air mesh fabric?


Considering your physical health, we must say that the air mesh fabric is very safe in the materials. The dosage of chemical finishing agents and fuel consumption is quite low. Therefore, the air mesh fabric will cause less harm to your body. In addition, has the ignition point of the air mesh fabric is also low. So it’s safer than other materials because of fewer security risks such as the fire disaster.


Furthermore, the air mesh fabric is damp proof and mildew proof. You can recycle it. As many materials are hard to disintegrate, it’s really a good idea that you can reuse the mesh fabric many times.


Last but not least, the air mesh fabric makes products cool especially in the summertime. After sweating on hot days, you can wash it with a washing machine and the air mesh fabric won’t be deformed.


Where does air mesh fabric to use in?


The use of mesh as a fabric was originally popularized by its utilization in sportswear. From shorts to shirts to sports bras, this fabric took the sporting world by storm in the mid-1980s, and it has remained popular ever since. This material is particularly popular in sports jerseys. Whether they are used in football, rugby, basketball, or wrestling, the majority of sports jerseys on the market today are made from some form of synthetic mesh fabric.


Being more popular all over the world, the air mesh fabric is appearing more and more frequently in bedding and other clothes, such as mesh pillows.

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